TC The Division Precinct Siege 1st Part Walkthrough 

This is pretty straight forward, Once you finish watching the first video clip. You are going to set your character face, option are: Gender, Tattoo, Piercing, Hair, etc… Next, Follow what Isac says until he will tell to go to the safe house. Once you are inside, look for a blinking icon and you will talk to faye lau. This will be a short video clip. Once you are out, go to the front table to activate your agent.

TC The Division Precinct Siege

Precinct Siege Mission LEVEL 3 Normal, This mission is the key to get into manhattan. First location, Secure the Parking Lot. Second location, Reach parking lot. Once you all most reach at the end of parking lot, hostile will showsTC The Division Precinct Siege up so watch out for that. Third location, secure parking garage. Fourth location, find the hostage. Fifth location, free the hostage. Look blinking icon to release those hostages. Sixth location, sweep the upper floor. Seventh location, neutralize the leader of the rioters. Eight location, secure the roof. Before you proceed to the location, make sure that you have full ammunition because you will be fighting with 2 bosses that there health are 4x than the regular hostile you encounter while ago. Ninth location, climb down the building to finish the mission.

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