COD BO2 Die Rise Buildables

There are three that we can build on ( COD BO2 Die Rise Buildables ). Trample Steam and Sliquifier. If you planning to do the Main Easter Egg, Then NavCard reader is required for that. Heres the link on how to build and step for main easter egg.

Trample Steam

Trample Steam contains four parts. Flag Pole, Motor, Spring Board and Fan, are all located on the Starting room and some are behind the double doors. There are Eight locations : Four on the staring area ( 1.) Top of the Counter Table, 2.) Leaning on the chair, 3.) Left side of the stairs and 4.) on the middle stairs ). Four on the next opening door ( 1.) On the railings in front of the elevator, 2/3.) Two are leaning on the wall, and 4.) last is on the broken wall that you can jump to the lower level ). Workbench table is on the second lower level of this building, to go there use the elevator or jump on the side ( Note : do this slowly, or you will fall )

COD BO2 Die Rise Buildables


Sliquifier is Wonder Weapon for this map and its has four parts to be collected.

First Part : Mannequin Foot

This can be found top of the working table, its on the middle of the couch and T.V.

Second Part : Wire

This part has two locations : first, is near the stairs on the working table. Its on the top of the drum. Second is near the shower where you can get your save points. Its on the top of the table.

Third part : Handle

Two locations for this part : First, its on the top of the small kitchen near working table. Second, On power room near the elevator. Its on the top of the sewing machine.

Fourth Part : Canister

Two Locations : First, next to the working table. Its inside the cage below. Second, Power Room, Top of the sewing machine before you reach the power.


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