COD BO4 IX Death Of Orion


Start your challenges right away by knifing the flag rope that you can find around the Arena.

Next, Activate Pack A Punch, Here’s the link on how to if you are looking for that. Then, go to Danu-Ra Temple Entrance and look on a window where you will see a bowl of Fire. Shot it.

Next, go to Stone Bridge and on that location. You will see a fire that points to a location. This spawns in 4 different locations and we need to look for a head sculpture. 1st location:  Ra Tower: Burial Chamber. Sculpture can be found on the left corner if you are coming from the stairs. 2nd location: Danu Tower: Arboretum. Coming from the stairs just go straight infront of the tree. 3rd location: Zeus Tower: Bath House. From Odin-Zeus Temple Entrance, go straight in the bath and on the right corner next to a fountain. 4th location: Odin Tower: Cauldron. From the stairs, go straight to Cauldron and look on the back corner.

Build the acid trap and this had 3 parts. 1st location is in the arena that you need to have at least 3 challenge to spawn the cauldron. 2nd part gear and 3rd part chain, its located on the temple which can be found on the left side and right side. Build the trap on Danu Tower Entrance or Ra Tower Entrance then place the head sculpture underneath the cauldron. Activate the trap to melt the sculpture and scorpion pin will reveal. Pick that up.

Next, we need to have thumps. In order to get this, you need to kill zombies, elemental zombies ,etc on arena but don’t let you caught on fire or went down. Once you got the thumps up saying “CROWD AFFINITY item available” Meaning the crown will throw something like powers up etc but the most important that we need is the jar. Once you got the Jar. Go to Danu Tower: Arboretum and go straight to the tree which you will see one has a small hole.  Knife that hole to place the scorpion and underneath that, place you’re jar. Comeback after one round to pick up the poison.

Last, go find the mystery box and on the corner of that box. Poison it, right away buy the box and you will get right on the spot the Death Of Orion.

COD BO4 IX Death Of Orion

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