COD Black Ops Ascension

COD black ops ascension zombies is the third map and introduces two new perks, PhD Flopper and Stamin-Up both costing 2000 points. And new weapons, such as the Gersch Device and Matryoshka Dolls. However, Double Tap does not make an appearance.

Hell Hounds have been replaced by Space Monkeys. Space Monkeys rounds will only happen if you have bought a perk, they will only attack any perks you have purchased. If you kill them before they steal your perks or touch perk machines, you will earn Max Ammo and a random perk-a-cola. 

COD black ops ascension zombies features “Lunar Landers” which allow you to fly off the map from one point on the map to the starting spawn area.

COD Black Ops Ascension Zombies

How To Activate The Hidden Song

First Teddy Bear can be found on spawn area. Its located upstairs where Olympia at.

Second Teddy Bear is located on Lander 3, between Speed Cola and Sickle. Take a right when you enter the room and look at the top of the wall.

The third and last Teddy Bear is located on lander 2. It is sitting on the ground, behind the gate near on lander.

Screen shots where the Teddy Bear is located.

Screen shots where the Lander at.

How To Activate Pack-A-Punch

There are three Lunar Lander’s you have to activate before you can access the Pack a Punch machine.

First location is where the Stamina is.

Second location is at PHD Flopper.

And the third one is located on Speed Cola.

Last. You need to go back on power room and turn the switch to lunch the rocket where Pack Of Punch is located

Note : This can be activate in any order. And can be played once in every game.

Easter Egg Guide

COD Black Ops Ascension Zombies

Step One. Go in the area where the MP5K and the PHD Flopper located at. On that location you will hear a sound ( whistling sound ). Look to your right out the map, you will see a box ( Generator ). Throw a Gersch Device, make sure that you throw it close to the generator ( if it land too far away, Samantha will giggle and the device will disappear ). The man will start talking saying need power. Head over to Stamina all the way to lunar lander, you will her again a high pitch. On your left side you will see a monitor under the stairs, Press “F” on PC to activate the terminal and the screen will show some symbol. Again you will heard a voice. Check on the pad if there is a light showing up. If the light are on Proceed to next step.

Step Two. On this step, you need to wait for monkey round. There are four buttons at four perks so you need to get 1 player at each perk. Each of those button switches has a  high pitch sound. (1.) Juggernog, (2.) PHD Flopper, (3.) Speed Cola and, (4.) Stamin-Up. Those buttons will appear on the wall close to those perks. All four players must pressed at the same time( or press simultaneously ). If its done correctly, Each player will heard a beeping sound followed by a voice.

Step Three. All player must go on Pack Of Punch room and stand on the platform where the rocket sit facing on the clock. Note : you need to have a crawler far from the platform Because this will take a minute or so. He will speak to you again with a nuke going off to start the new round. At this point, there will be a three lights active on the pod.

Step Four. There will be a floating letters on the sky. To collect this letters, players must use lunar landers. This letter must be collected in certain order ( “LUNA” ). To begin, Starting room going to Stamina ( “L” ), next Stamina going back to Starting room ( “U” ), From starting room going to lander 3 where Sickle and Speed Cola located at ( “N” ), Last from Sickle going to Stamina ( “A” ).

At this point, four lights are light up on the pod. And there will be a glowing orb in the floor. You need to give power, to do this. Two players must have Upgraded Ray Gun, One must have upgraded Thunder Gun and one must have upgraded Crossbow. Each player must have Gersch Device and Matryska Doll. The way to accomplish this task is to have one player throw the Gersch Device next throw a Matryska Doll. And all players must shoot the glowing orb simultaneously.

All players will be given a death machine that last for 90 seconds for freeing him.

All Perks Available


Location: Its located on lunar lander where is frag grenades are. And closed to a window barrier.


Location : Its located on lunar lander where is frag grenades are. And closed to a window barrier.


Location : Underneath the Speed Cola room, next to a barrier. In the room between Speed Cola and the Power Room.


Location : Quick Revive is always on a first room.


Location : Its on lunar lander (3). Near the top of the stairs where the M16 and the Sickle are.


Location : Juggernog is on upper basement, if you go in from outside, then its to the left ( to the right is up the stairs towards power room ).

This are all available guns for this map!


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