COD BO2 Buried Easter Egg Richtofen Side

Build Nav Card Reader

Before we start on the first step, we need to build Nav Card Reader. Nav Card Reader contain four parts, Board, Radio, Meteor Rock and Power Box. Locations : Meteor Rock can be found on the spawn area, lower level and the rest are in front of the Barn Area. To get there, You need to open all barricades with Leroy, don’t forget the fountain too. Then go on the other side of the Hunted Mansion and you will see a maze. Once you go inside and see a fountain, throw a grenade or if you have Ray Gun shot it . Portal will show up that lead you too Spawn Area.

Step One : Guillotine

Guillotine Has four parts, Antenna Can be found inside Barn Area, Wire is located between Chalk guns and bank (Gunsmith Area), Crystal can be found on the tunnel and Satellite in on the second level of the Saloon on the end of the balcony.

Step Two : Four Orbs

On this step, we need to get the wonder weapon ( Paralyzer ) and charge up all four orbs around the maps using this weapon. Locations : 1) Between Saloon and Power room. 2) Between Church and Court room 3) tunnel 4) behind the hunted mansion. If you did this correctly, you will hear a sound.

Step Three : Lantern

Look up and you will see a lantern, Cook a grenade and throw it. Lantern will drop. Pick it up and lets proceed to the next step.

Step Four : Charging up the Lantern

To charge up this lantern, you have to go inside the Hunted Mansion and kill those ghost near you or who ever has the lantern. Every time you kill a ghost, you will hear a sound.

Step Five : Code

This step are tricky, we need Galvaknucles and Time Bomb. Once the lantern is filled up, Bring it on the roof of the gunsmith and you will see a lantern symbols. Place your lantern and you will see a code on the wall. Those code are letters and represent (1. Dry Gulcher Shaft 2. Lunger Undermines 3. Ground Bitter Pits 4. Comsumption Cross 5. Bone Orchard Vien ). This are all located inside the tunnel.Next, One player must buy Galvaknucles to hit those signs and wisp will appear. This wisp will teleport to a different locations and players must reach before he disappearNote : If the wisp disappear just re do the signed on the tunnel and wisp will show up again.

Step Six : Wisp

Once the Wisp is on the Guillotine, we need five zombies to power up this machine. To do this, you have to kill zombies near the table.

Step Seven : Switch

Time bomb can be found on the mystery box. Once you have it, Place it in the middle of the table to do the infinite round. All players must be on the table before activating the time bomb. In round infinity, you have to find our four characters laying down on the floor and look for a switch. Locations : 1) In front of the Gunsmith, 2) In front of the Jail Cell, 3) Two In front of the General Store, 4) Between General Store and Candy Shop (Hallway), 5) Near Fountain,6) Side of the Church In front of the Orbs, 7) Inside the church in front of the Work Table 8) In front of Saloon 9) Between Barn and General Store (Hallway) 10) In front of Barn (near the door where you get those Nav Card parts). Once you have it, add it on the Guillotine. Note : Round Infinity take about 15 to 30 seconds, so do it quickly.

Step Eight : Activate Switch

To activate this, all players must go on the maze and find those four colored switch. To find which is first, you must switch it and if you see a spark then ask to your co players if they switch it, if not then that will be the first. This has to be done in the correct order. To reset the switches, you have to come out on the maze and go back again. This step is kind a tricky

Step Nine : Sharpshooter

There are four locations to do this step, 1) in front of the Hunted Mansion, 2) Between Candy Shop and Court Room, 3) Inside Saloon and 4) In front of Jail Cell. To activate this last step, You need to feed Leroy a booze and smash the fountain, then make a wish. This is a hardest part, make sure all players hit all those targets doesn’t matter about the accuracy as long as you hit it. If you did this correctly, seven perks will comes up on your screen and you unlock the achievement.

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