COD BO2 Buried Buildables

Trample Steam, Turbine, Head Chopper and Subsurface Resonator, this are all build-ables on this map ( COD BO2 Buried Buildables ). Turbine and Subsurface Resonator are commonly use on the main easter egg both sides ( Richtofen and Maxis ).

Trample Steam

Trample Steam is same as we seen on die rise map, contains four parts and its located on General Store. Motor, Spring Board, Flag Pole and Fan are all located inside. Once you collect those parts, bring it to a working table and build it. This can be build in any location not like on Tranzit.


Turbine is a wind power that turns on some machine and doors like on Tranzit map, and it contains three parts. Fan, Tail and Mannequin are all spotted on General Store. If you are planning to do Easter Egg whether Maxis or Richtofen, you need this machine.

Subsurface Resonator

Subsurface Resonator is one of the second new build-able on this map (Black Ops 2 Zombies). This machine is like a sound wave that kill in second. Unfortunately, this machine need to have a power to be used ( need turbine to power up this machine ). Four parts to be collected ( Motor, Base, Fan and Speaker ) and all can be found on General Store.

Head Chopper

Head Chopper is one of the new build-able on this map (Black Ops 2 Zombies). This machine still need a turbine to be use. Parts located on General Store where we get those two previous and contains four to be collected. Handle, Gear, Blade and Body.

Note : To be effective, you have to place this at neck level. This machine can kill you and other players so be careful!

Tip : If you don’t want to go back and forth just to find the parts and build on working table, let the giant free ( Leroy ). Then go on the candy shop and look for a free candy ( Free candy spawn every round ). Once you have a candy, find a working table and wait for him. If you want to build of what exactly you want, get just one part and build it on the working table then give the candy to him and he will do the rest for you.

Read more about Leroy!

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