COD Black Ops Five Zombies

cod black ops five zombiesCOD Black Ops Five Zombies is the sixth map, and the second in Call of Duty: Black Ops. There are three levels to this map. Level 1 ( Main Floor ), Level 2 ( War Room ) and Level 3 ( Laboratory ). By turning on the power you can access teleports and bring you to a random places. Map can be unlocked after completing the campaign in any difficulty, or entering the code on the computer on a main menu. Features Crawlers ( Crawlers always appears on level 3 ), Zombies and Thief Zombies known as Pentagon Thief. Wonder weapon available are Ray Gun and Winter Howl


Missing Part On Electro Shock

Airport scanners where you spawn near, can be made as a trap. If you walk close up to it, it says,”Access Denied: Requires operational component”. Meaning needs addition part to be available to work.You will find the part in one location and its on Level 3 ( Laboratory ), on bowie knife room. Right side look for cage, Its in the middle.

Once you find the part you can go back and press “F” on PC or “X” on console which will create a electric trap.

Guide For Activating The Song

First telephone is right next to the quick revive.

The second telephone is located at the power switch. Its on a desk on your right side.

The Third and the last you can find it inside the pack of punch room. Left side where there is a window.

Note: you can activate the song once in every game.

How To Activate Pack-A-Punch

On COD Black ops Five Zombies

Activate power, then go to level 2 ( war room ), there will be 4 switches on the walls. 2 are located upstairs where all the walled SMGs are. and 2 are located downstairs. after flicking them dcod black ops five zombiesefcon 5 will start and a teleporter will appear with image of pack of punch. from there just hop in. Once your inside the room, part of the wall will turn and behind that wall is pack of punch. Take note the the brown door where is jug are located will open. And all of those zombies that is been left behind are waiting on that door.

All Perks Available


Location: Speed cola is located in same level ( Main Lobby ) where quick revive located at. Near elevator at the hall.


Location : Quick Revive is always on a first room.


Location : Located on level 2 ( War Room ). But you need to open the barricades on the stairs. You will see on your left side.


Location : Same as location of double tap and mule kick. Look on your right side where there is a door for pack of punch.


Location : Double Tap can be found on level 2 ( War Room ) near on elevator going to level 1 ( Main Room ).

This are all available guns for this map!


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