Far Cry Primal Attack Of Udam 4th Mission

On you villages, go on those icon and talk to them. They will tell you that they need  a shelter (hut). Each hut has a required resource. Next, You will have a new notification says. Talk to sayla. Follow the icon, once you reach. A small Video Clips will shown. In that video she will give you a new Club.


Mission will pop up. First, Depend your Village. Don’t go too far from your village or your mission will restart. Kill all udam in order to get in to the next.Far Cry Primal Attack Of Udam
Second, Regroup with Sayla.
Third, Reach Udam Camp. Follow the icon but make sure that you don’t go out further or you mission will failed.
Fourth, Destroy all Udam Bones Tress and kill all Enemies. Three Udam Bones Trees need to destroy. To Locate that, you have to follow icon then, use your Club to destroy. Each time you destroy the tress, Udam will spawn so watch out for that.
Fifth, Kill the remaining Udam Warriors.

Far Cry Primal Attack Of Udam

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