COD BO2 Origins Elemental Staff

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First Step : Two Parts that we need. Gramophone and the Disk. Disk has a 3 locations, and they are all found around the Excavation Site. First location is near on chest where the robot step( behind the Excavation Site Sign ). Second Location is on the right side of Excavation, Near to the church. Third and last is on the top of Excavation Site Near on the pack of pack. Its sit on wheelbarrow. Gramophone is located at the middle of the map and its inside the Excavation Site. To open it, you need to have 2500 Points. Once you open this, go down the stairs and you will see a table. On that table, look on the right and left and you will find it. Now that you have this parts, Lets head over and start building the Elemental Staff.

COD BO2 Origins Elemental Staff Video Tutorials

BO2 Origins Elemental Staff

Fire Staff

Fire Disk. Fire Disk Has 3 locations. All Those locations will be found on the church. First location, Generator 6. Before you reach the Generator, On your right you will see a file of boxes. Its just on the top of that. Second One is inside the church on the second level. Look on your right where you can see a bench, and its there. Third location, First level of the church ( Tank Station ). Between the stairs and the tank. Now we need to get the Fire Crystal ( Gem ). Head over on Spawn area where you will see a tunnel saying Crazy Place. Go down until you reach the end and you will see a table. Place the Gramophone on the table and a Teleporter will appear. Once you are already inside, go in the middle where you see a glowing red ( Red Pedestal ). Fire Crystal will appear. Get it you may need this later. 

Next we need to get 3 parts of fire. First Part can be found on round 8 where panzer will spawn. After you killed him you will get the first part. Second Part is on Gen 6. Power up Generator 6 and chest on your right will open for the second part. Third Part ( You need to open the church ). Once you open this, Glowing plane will appear on the sky. Shoot down the yellow plane and the last part will drop from the sky. Last that we need to do, Go down to the bottom of Excavation Site and you will see a 4 Pedestrian. Head over to the glowing red ( Glowing Red represent the fire Staff ), then wield it.

Lightning Staff

Lightning Disk. 3 location can be found around Generator 4. First location is on the wind tunnel, Go all the way to end and look on your right side where the speaker at. Second one is on the cart. And the Third is on the table between Juggernug and Wonderfizz. 

Next, we need 3 parts of the staff. First part is located at the pathway of the Tank. Its between Gen 1 and Gen 3. Second Part is on the Excavation Site. Third and the last is on the church 2nd level. To get all this part you need to ride the tank and jump on the trench. Once you collect all the parts, go on the gen 5 look for a tunnel. Same as we deed on Fire, Place the Gramophone on the table and teleporter will appear again. get the Lightning Gem, then go down to Excavation Site and wield it.

Wind Staff

Wind Disk Has  3 locations same as the previous Staff. First location can be found on generator 5, Between Generator and Chest. You will find the disk on the broke wall. Second one is on the right side of the Generator. Where you will see a file of boxes. Third and last is on the Lightning Tunnel, First level of the tunnel where you will see a table. 

Lets get the 3 parts of the wind. All this parts are located inside the control room of the robot. Accessing the robot is true his feet, one of his foot has a light that you can shoot and the door way will open. Once you get them all, Same procedure. Go on the wind tunnel ( Wind tunnel will be near on Juggernog ), Open it using Gramophone. Then get the Wind Gem. After that go down below the Excavation Site And wield it.

Ice Staff

Ice Disk has a 3 location and can be found on Tank Station. First is on the table, once you enter the Tank Station. Second is on shelves near Mystery box. Third is on the shelves near the rear exit. 

On this next steps, Weather must be snowing to get the parts of the staff. To get all this get parts, you need to have a shovel. First location is randomly located at Gen 1, Gen 2 And Gen 3. Second locations is on Excavation Site, Gen 4 And Gen 5. Last location is at the Church, Tank Station On the Church and on gen 6. 

Once you get all those parts, go on the Ice Tunnel ( Ice Tunnel Is located at gen 6 Below the Church ). Same. Place the Gramophone, go on the crazy place then get the Ice Gem and wield it on Excavation Site.

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