COD BO3 Der Eisendrache Ragnarok DG-4 Guide


This guide is for the new map Der Eisendrache build-able weapon called Ragnarok DG-4. This weapon used to slam the zombies or to create electric trap. To build it, we need to find and get three parts.

BO3 Der Eisendrache Ragnarok DG-4 Guide

First is on Death Ray Trap. Activate and wait until the trap is done. Look up and once you see a small part with light on it. That’s the part that we need. Now to get this, you have to find a launch pad that will lead you to that location. This part has two locations: First, facing in front of the castle and its on your right. Second, facing outside the map and its on the top on the launch pad.

Second part is on the Teleporter. To do this, you need to teleport on the rocket platform. Then wait for the sequence says that the rocket is ready for test, countdown will begin. After you hearing that, go all the way under the pad and you will see a green light with a lever next to the staircase. Press action button, Then quickly run back to the teleporter before it closed. Once you are inside, go all the way straight on your right near the teleporter machine where you will see a console. Wait until all the green light appear, then press action button twice to activate. Part will spawn inside of teleporter machine.

Third Panzer. You can get the last part of the first panzer that will spawn between round 10 to 15. Once you kill him, the part will be drop off.

Note: This can be done in any orders.

COD BO3 Der Eisendrache Ragnarok DG-4 Guide

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