COD BO2 Tranzit Buildables

Here are all new buildables in this map : Additional parts for the Bus, Turbine, Zombie Shield, Turret, Power Switch, Electric Trap and Pack of Punch Machines ( COD BO2 Tranzit Buildables ). Even the wonder Weapon has to be build too ( Jet Gun ). Each of this equipment has a 2 to 4 items to be pick up and build on a workbench. Note : Player can carried one item at a time.

COD BO2 Tranzit

Additional Parts for the Bus

Bus is your ride to go on the different locations of the map. There are three additions parts that be useful for your trip. To get all the parts, you need to have turbine to open doors. Hatch, Front bumper grill and Side ladder. This are all we need to find.

You can use hatch on diner If you want to get the hidden Galvaknuckles. If your choice now which way do you want to add this part!!

First Location : Starting room, Place your turbine on the door.

Second Location : Dinner, Its outside the gas station.

Third Location : Farm, Behind the tractor.

Fourth Location : Town, On sentex room.


Turbine is a wind machine to power up the doors or other equipment. This has 3 parts and all available right from the starting room.

First Part : Tail, Located near phones

Second Part : Mannequin, Located on a sign board

Third Part : Fan, Located on seat near the door the needs a power.

COD BO2 Tranzit

Zombie Shield

Zombies Shield contain 2 parts and this will be on the second bus stop Dinner. Zombie Shield will help you to protect your back from zombies. Every parts has a 3 different locations on each Game Play.

First Part : Dolly, Located on dinner. First location, Far side near the chairs. Second and third locations are inside the table counter.

Second Part : Car Door, Located on garage. First Location : inside the car. Second Location : Top of the working table near the door. Third Location : Bathroom.


Turret automatically fired is he see a zombie in front of him. But sadly, this will not work without a turbine near or beside him. This will be on our 3rd bus stop ( Farm ). Every parts has a 3 different locations on each Game Play. Note : watch out!! this will kill you.

First Part : LawnMower

Locations : Two located outside the house near the rear door and one inside the barn, its in the middle where you see a pile of boxes.

Second Part : Ammo Pack

Locations : Inside the house on shelvings. Two in the first level and one on the second level of the house.

Third Part : Machine Gun

Locations : Two locations on the second level, First on the couch second on the balcony. Last location at barn on the second level near Double Tap, Look on the top of the drums.

COD BO2 Tranzit

On our third bus stop is Power Station. To turn on the power we need to build Power Switch. Once you turn the power on, Electric Zombie ( Avogadro ) will be released.

COD BO2 Tranzit Buildables

Power Switch

First Part : Power Board

Locations : Power Room ( See Images )

Second Part : Lever

Locations : Power Room ( See Images )

Third Part : Zombie Hand

Locations : Power Room ( see Images )

Electric Trap

This can be build on the third bus stop ( Power Room ). All three items can be found next to the building. unfortunately, same as turret. Needs turbine to power up this machine.

First Part : Battery

Locations : Inside the second building ( See Images )

Second Part : Board with Rods

Locations : Inside the Building ( See Images )

Third Part : Broken Picture Tub

Locations : Inside the building ( See Images )

COD BO2 Tranzit

Pack of Punch Machine

Last bus stop, Town. This machine is hidden below the bank. To access it, you need to open the two safety vault using your grenade. After that, one player must place turbine at the front or in the main door ( See images ) of the Power Station ( Third Bus Stop ).

Each parts change its locations in every game, but all can be found on the same room.

First Part : Battery Locations : Below the bank ( See Images )

Second Part : Pack of Punch body Locations : Below the bank ( See Images )

Third Part : Table Locations : Below the bank ( See Images )

Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 ( Jet Gun )

This Jet Gun is Wonder Weapon on this map. It contains 4 parts scattered around the whole map, and can be use in about a 15 to 25 seconds. Note : Only one player can use this weapon.

First part : Jet Engine

Location : Tunnel ( its between bus stop and dinner ).

Second part : Handle

Locations : Corn Field ( its between Farm and Power Room ). Once you are in the corn field area, go on your right side and you see a building ( Nacht Der Untoten ). It will be on the top of the drawers or on the shelvings.

Third Part : Wire

Locations : third bus stop ( Power Room ). On the second level of the building.

Fourth Part : Gauge

Locations : Cabin ( its between Power room and Town ). Look for a burning grass for easy location.



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