COD BO2 Town 6 Perks


This steps only works on Town Survival Co-op or Multiplayer.

On this new game, theres a new Perk a cola that you can use. Question is what does that perks do? This new perks “Tombstone” bring back all your guns and perks once you are down and dead. To get all six perks on this game, Get three perks like Jug, Speed Cola, Double Tap or which perk you prepared, Then the last is Tombstone. Now you have already four perks and you can’t get any!! heres how it work!! Go down or down your self then press “F” ( for PC users ) this will show up on your screen “Don’t Feed me to Zombie” and wait for the next round to be spawn. Once you are back into the game. grab another perks like Stamin-Up or Quick Revive ( any perks that you don’t have before you went down ) and another Tombstone Perks then grab your Tombstone. Once you got your Tombstone, all your perks before and your guns will be back plus the two perks that you have it lately. If you go down again, Just press “F” and when you spawn on the next round. Just get TombStone Perks and then your Tombstone, All you six perks will be back again. Tip : Make sure you have enough points to have those three additional perks.

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