COD AW Infection Meat Is Murder Achievement Guide


First: Four Valves

There are 30 valves that you can found in Sewer. Here are my link of all the locations for that valve. This valve will spawn one at a time, so if you found one, turned it and next valve will spawn.

Second Golden Skillet

This pan can be found in the starting room. To get it, you have to jump twice then, press and hold “F” (PC Users). After that, Bring that pan on the hidden room and place it on the altar. This room can be found behind waterfalls.

COD AW Infection Meat Is Murder

Third: Zombie Blood

This step is hard, better to do it in lower round. for this step, You have to kill zombies near the altar to fill up with blood. If you done this correctly, Altar will rise up and your pan is ready for the next step.

COD AW Infection Meat Is Murder

Fourth: Stove

Now that you have your pan back, You have to bring it on BurgerTown and place it on the stove. Stove can be found inside the Store.

Fifth: Four Meats

Look for a meat and bring it back to your pan. This meats are located on Sewer, Value Voltage, BurgerTown and Atlas Command (except on the Starting room) and always spawn one at a time. Once you complete this four, your meat will become putty. Next, you have to cook it using Magnetron (Magnetron can be found in 3D Printer). You will hear ding sound means that its done. So we have putty means that we need a bun to create a burger. To get the bun, you need to use Magnetron on the Zombie that is wearing a BurgerTown uniform. Note: Don’t use any guns, traps or grenade for this step. If you did this right, Bun will be drop off and you will see floating on the air where you killed that zombie. Then, Place it where your putty at to transform into a burger. Once you grave it, you will be infected. Decontaminate yourself then give it to bobby (mascot) and bobby well say “Need to replace my Battery“.

COD AW Infection Meat Is Murder

Sixth: battery

Go to the Atlas Command near 3D Printer. Once you are on that location, Look on the wall and you will see a blue print (Bobby’s Diagram). Press “F” (PC Users) and then, dash, run quickly to the other side of the station. This battery is located on a small box that open is a second. Once you have it, you have to bring it to the other side “Value Voltage” and look for a charger. This charger can be found near gas pumps. Insert your battery and a battery indicator will show.Once the battery is fully charger, You will hear a sound or if you miss that sound. The battery indicator is blinking. Next, bring to bobby and he will give you a key.

COD AW Infection Meat Is Murder

Seventh: Bobby’s Blue Print (BurgerTown)

Theres a giant burger and below that theres a hatch, use your key to open the door. Once you are inside you will see a control room, rocket, Upgrade Station, etc. Look for a blue print (Boddy’s Diagram) and “F” (PC Users) and it will say “Access Denied”. Next is we have to find ‘Zombie Arm”. To get this, you have to go back in Sewer and activate “summon Insta-Gator Trap” and kill alligator will he is eating the zombie. Tip: Use Destruction Drone to make this step easy. Once you have it, go to the starting room on the second level and you will see a safe box (Whatever you call it). Use this arm and there you will see a Data. Grave it and place it where it says “Access Denied”, then it will automatically drop you out.

COD AW Infection Meat Is Murder

Last: Encrypted Data

Will the data is uploading there are some fire works, burger bomb then a rocket will launch. Once this are all finish, you can go back to that station (Giant Burger) to get the data. For this last step, just give this Data to bobby and you unlock “Meat Is Murder Achievement”.

COD AW Infection Meat Is Murder

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COD AW Infection Meat Is Murder

COD AW Infection Meat Is Murder Completion

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