TC The Division Napalm Production Site 6th Mission Walkthrough 

Mission minimum required, Level 10. Difficulties, Normal.

First Destination, Take down cleaner Napalm Production.TC The Division Napalm Production Site
Second Destination, Destroy Napalm Tank. Take down those hostile to make it easy access to those tanks. Five of them has to be destroy. Each of the tank has a blinking icon to locate there locations.
Third Destination, Locate the Fueling Depot.
Fourth Destination, Secure the area.
Fifth Destination, Start the Detonation Sequence.
Sixth Destination, Defend the Sequence. This takes 2 mins to hold on. Be prepared because its not easy if you are level 10.
Seventh Destination, Destroy remaining Napalm Tanks. Another five tanks with a blinking icon.
Eight Destination, Reach Watch Tower.
Ninth Destination, Secure the Area.
Tenth Destination, Find Joe Ferro.
Eleventh Destination, Defeat Joe’s Guard.
Twelfth Destination, Defeat Joe Ferro. This is hard so pack up all your gears to face this guy.
Last, Escape the Building.

TC The Division Napalm Production Site

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