COD BO3 Revelations Full Easter Egg Guide


First, Audio

On spawn Area, look on your left and you will see four tombs. Shot starting left 2,3,1 and 4.

Next, Find missing stone that is located on jump pad. Once you found it, build Summoning Altar and bring him to the stone to do rituals. Zombies will be attracted and you have to protect him. Once its done, pick up audio recorded where the keeper stand and bring it on Nacth Der Untoten. Place this audio on the audio payer located second level opposite side of the pack entrance.

COD BO3 Revelations Full Easter Egg

Second, Audio

On this part we need arnie plus we need to open the pack of punch area.

Around pack of punch area, there are 9 holes. Use your arnie on each of those holes. Every 3 arnie you throw, Margwa will spawn and you have to take them down.

Note: If you throw on the same hole, you will hear a chime that means its already done. If you throw 1 or 2 on the holes and you left the area, you need to start again on those whole. If the margwa is already spawn and you left, you have to redo again those holes.

Once you complete all nine margwa challenge. Go on the bridge and the audio is ready, bring it on Kino Der Toten located on the stage towards to your right.

COD BO3 Revelations Full Easter Egg

Third, Audio

For this step, we need upgraded gun and upgraded Apothicon. Heres the guide on how to Upgrade Aphoticon.

We need to collect bone around the map. In order to do this, we have to shot stones using Upgraded gun to reveal the bones then, use your Upgraded Apothicon. If you did this correctly, you will hear chime that sound like something is been suck in.

First location, Origins near Summoning Altar.

Second Location, Shangri-la at the top of Stamina Machine.

Third Location, Wall. This wall is where you use to get free perk bottle.

Fourth Location, Verruckt near Corrupt Engine.

Fifth Location, Natch Der Untoten second level roof.

Note: This can be done in any orders. To get the right locations, Watch the video below.

Next, Second level on Natch Der Untoten, you will see all the bones on the floor. Use again your Upgraded Apothicon to collect all the bones and a zombie lady will reveal. Again, shot your Apothicon on that zombie to reveal the disk recorded. Pick it up and bring it on the Origins (Excavation Site) and place it on the Audio Player.

COD BO3 Revelations Full Easter Egg

Four Turrets

Use and shot the crystal on the sky to connect to sophia. This will cost 2000 points for each turrets. Once you do all four, go on Natch Der Untoten second level and you will heard and see sophia asking for assistance. Follow her until she reach on teleporter machine located on Kino Der Toten. Next, Teleport all players if you are playing co-op and pick up the book located on the bed. Once you teleported back to the main map, place the book on the table located on the middle of the stage (Kino Der Toten) to create apothicon symbols.

Four Eggs

Eggs are Scattered around the map. Check this link for all the locations. Note: each player can only carry one egg at a time. Place the egg on yellowish thing located on Pack of punch area then charge it by killing the zombies near. Note: you can do this all four at a time. Once its fully charge, pick up the gateworm. Keep looking around the map until you hear a beeping sound. Once the beeping sound is getting faster, place it and you will see apothicon symbol. Pick that up and do on the rest.

COD BO3 Revelations Full Easter Egg

Summoning Key

Go on Kino Der Toten second level at widows wine and step on it to teleport on boss room. If you are playing co-op, all players needs to step on the symbols. Next, go straight near the apothicon and you will see a book. Open that and you will see a symbols, memories that. Then, go to the opposite side and you will see a symbols. Follow the order you got from the book. If you failed, you will be redirected back to the main map. If you do this right, you will see a bright flash screen and your on for the next.

To get the Summoning key, you need to keep killing margwa. The key is located on the middle, every time you kill 3 margwas. Key will move. Once you see the key is reachable, pick it up and you will be teleported back to the main map.

 Next, we need to get 6 items using the key. Locations: Shangri-la, Der eisendrache, Natch Der Untoten, Kino Der Toten, Origin and Mob Of the Dead. Watch the video below to give you the exact location. Note: This can be done in any order.

COD BO3 Revelations Full Easter Egg

Boss Fight

To go to boss room, you need to use the teleported machine. Note: Make sure you bring a useful gums and pack guns before getting into a fight. Once you are in the room. Place the key on the altar located on four corners of the map. And Charge it up by killing zombies, Once its fully charge. Pick it up and throw it to samantha to lazer beam Shadow men. Once he is weaken, shot it until he went to the mouth. Then, quick run on the book to finish him. If you failed on first attempt, Use again the altar to charge and to re do the steps. Congrats, Achievement is unlock!

COD BO3 Revelations Full Easter Egg

COD BO3 Revelations Full Easter Egg Guide

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