COD BO2 Buried Leroy


COD BO2 Buried Leroy

Leroy is the giant guy who is on your side ( COD BO2 Buried Leroy ). He can open those barricades or carry a crawler. Once you have a booze, he will follow you and beg for it even the candy.

Booze do, is to give him ability to run and clear those barricades that is on his way ( make sure you aim it before you give this booze ). Booze can be found inside the Saloon or inside the jail cell, if your co players use it you can buy for 1,000 points ( look for a cashier on the table counter ).

 Candy’s do, (1) is to help you out to kill those zombies, (2)make a crawler then he will pick it up to do babysitting, (3)he can able to build those build-ables machine ( good if you guys doing Easter Egg ). You can get this on Candy Store, Same its cost 1,000 points. This two ( Booze and Candy ) spawn every round(s) for free. But if you shoot him, he will run away and lock him self again.


Key has a four locations, First is on where he lock him self out. Second, is on second level of the Saloon. Third is inside the bank. Last, is on the court room.

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