TC The Division Hudson Refugee Camp 4th Mission Walkthrough 

Mission minimum required, Level 07. Difficulties, Normal.

Infected civilians have sought shelter at the camp at hudson rail yards. Secure the civilians to ensure Dr. Kendel and her staff retrieve critical blood samples.

Mission Reward: Medical wing, 500. Credit, 610. EXP, 11450. Virus progress report 2.TC The Division Hudson Refugee Camp

First destination, Investigate Hudson yards. Second, Neutralize Hostile Cleaners. Watch out for them because they are many. At the end of this location, you will be fighting a two bosses. Once you reach on the train, watch out on planted C-4. This is a long way fight before you can reach on the next destination. Third, Find the chemical Source. This is another boss fight. Fourth, Reach Crane Control. Fifth, Find The Cleaner Foremen. Sixth, Neutralize Martinez and secure the area. It will warn you that this is no respawn. This is the big boss fight. Seventh, Get to the Crane Control. Eight, Abort the Crane sequence. Find and use the Laptop by pressing “F” (PC Users) To complete the mission.

TC The Division Hudson Refugee Camp

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