COD BO2 Tranzit Tower Of Bubble Maxis Side


COD BO2 Tranzit Tower Of Bubble Maxis Side is the main Easter egg. This time around, we must turn the power off. Samuel ( one of the character on this map ) is the one who will hear the voice of Richtofen or Maxis ( giving instruction on what to do ). Two players are required for this achievement.

First Step : Power Room

On this step we need to release Electric Zombie ( We need him later ). Once he is release, Maxis will say that we have to turn off the power.

Second Step : Electric Zombie

On this step, we need Turbine ( all players must ), EMP grenade or galvaknuckles. Next, all players must go on the Tower ( Tower is in between the Farm and Power Station, Its inside the Corn Field right side ). Once you are there, wait for Electric Zombie to show up ( Note : you have to survive until he comes, Better if you guys will do it on lower rounds ). Once he show up, quickly place your turbine on each corner of the Tower, and kill him below Or inside Tower using EMP or your galvaknuckles. If done this correctly, Maxis will say we need to more power.

Third Step : Grab your turbine and go on a different light post. Each player must go on a different places on the map. Then just place your turbine underneath the post. And the achievement will be Unlock.

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