Customize About This Mac


Change “Model Year and Name”

If you build a new hackintosh like otherwise me. The information on “About This Mac” is not accurate and you want to correct. Here’s how!

First thing we need is to show all hidden files. To do this Check This Link.

Next, Open your Hard Drive Name –>> User –>> Your Name –>> Library –>> Preferences and look for Copy this file to somewhere else. Once you place this to where you put, make a duplicate and open with “Textwrangler” (Textedit is not showing up the right, thats why i use this application). Now, you will see your CPU name Like Mac Pro (late 2012). Change it to what you’ve like. Save and exit, then copy this file then paste it back.

Change Processor Name

Open your Hard Drive Name –>> System –>> Library –>> PrivateFrameworks –>> AppleSystemInfo.framework –>> Versions –>> A –>> Resources –>> English.lproj –>> AppleSystemInfo.strings

Same as wha we did on the first, copy and paste to anywhere you like. Then, make a duplicate and open with “Textwrangler”. Find this “<key>UnknownCPUKind</key>”. under that you will see your Processor name. Change it on what you like. once it’s done. Save, then copy and paste it back.

Reboot your system and your changes will show.


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