Hackintosh and Windows System Time

If you are running Dual boot weather on single Hard Drive or on separate Hard Drive, the system time are still not the same. First, windows time is on somewhere else. If you try to change the time. The hackintosh will be on somewhere else. So to fix this, Put back the right time on hackintosh if you change it on windows, if not then no need.

First, right click on windows logo and click run. Windows will pop up and type regedit and hit ok. You will prompted and click “yes”.

Second, Open this folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE=>>SYSTEM=>>CurrentControlSet=>>Control=>>TimeZoneInformation

Hackintosh and Windows System Time

Next, right click then highlight new and click DWORD (32 bit) value. Then, Change this name “New Value #1” to “RealTimeIsUniversal” (without quote).

Last, double click the name you’ve created and change the value to 1.

Hackintosh and Windows System Time

That’s it, your all done! Just restart your windows and boot up on hackintosh to sync the time. Then, come back to windows and your time is all good.


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