COD BO3 Gorod Krovi Gauntlet Of Siegfried 


First, Turn on POWER

Second, Code Cylinder and Network Circuit
Three Code Cylinder. Each Code cylinder has a specific locations to be place on.
First Code, Dragon Command. Place the code on groph Module located on second level.
Second Module, Supply Depot. Groph module is next to a trap.
Third Module, Tank Factory. Its on the third level opposite side of Summon.
Note: Module drop Locations are random in every game play.

Once you have all three parts, bring it on Operation Bunker and place it on Dragon Network Console located in the middle.

Third, Pack Of Punch (Hatchery) Area.
To go there, use summon on any three locations you like and ride the dragon. Once you are in the area, go straight all the way down at the end of the area. Then, look up and shot the egg to drop off. Pick it up.

Fourth, First Challenge.
Bathe the egg into fire. Place the egg on something like a egg holder and then, wait for the dragon to fire breath. Two locations of your like to place, Spawn Area and Dragon Command. Once the egg says “Dragon egg must cool down” you have to play one full round in order for you to retrieve this.

Fifth, Second Challenge
Napalm Zombies. Once you have the egg, next you need to do is make a napalm and kill them. To get napalm zombies, wait for the dragon to fire breathe and lead them to the fire.

Sixth, Third Challenge
Penetration Kill. This time, you need a sniper rifle. You need to kill 2 to 3 zombies in one bullet. You can use a Insta kill gum to make this challenge easy.

Seventh, Fourth Challenge
Melee Kill. Use Knife. If you got a point buy bowie or best is find a insta kill Gum.

Eighth, Incubate
Incubate the Egg. Once you finish all four egg challenges, you need to go back again on Pack Of Punch Area (Hatchery) and place it on the Incubator. Then, you’ll be in lockdown mode in a few minutes. Once its done, Dragon Egg must cool down again in one full around. Come back to this location or stay if you like.

Final, Gauntlet Of Siegfried
Once full round is done, you can retrieve the egg. Then, bring it to the spawn area and get your reward.

COD BO3 Gorod Krovi Gauntlet Of Siegfried

COD BO3 COD BO3 Gorod Krovi Gauntlet Of Siegfried

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