COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Shadow Men Guide



Before we proceed to this step,all players must have upgraded sword. For more details on how to do that, check on this link.

First, we need to activate the flag. Go on Naro’s Landing and go straight in front of book shelves. On the floor you will see a book that is open. Press “F” (PC Users) on it.

Next, Flag will spawn on the rift. Once you grab this (Meatballs and bugs will spawn unlimited), go outside on any locations you’ve like (Junction, Canal District, Waterfront District and Footlight District). Then place it on the floor where you see a electric coming out. Protect the flag until you hear a ding sound. Get the flag again and bring it to the other location(s). Protect and wait for ding sound again. Then, go on the nearest ritual table and place the flag and the gatekeeper will disappear. This gatekeeper will spawn on the rift behind on one of those gateworm. Redo this on the three remaining rituals but you have to place the flag in different spots (not the spot that you already placed). Note: (1) If you go down and you are the one who has the flag, you have to redo it again. (2) You can do this once in every round. (3) Shadow Men will spawn and you have to shot him down so that he cannot do a spell Tip: If you have points, use civil protector and look for a RayGun. 

Once you complete all four gatekeepers, you have to go down on the rift where you place all four gateworms. To kill Shadow Men, You have to activate each gatekeepers to break the seal. Once its break, Shot it until he reach on the table. Then, Quickly place the rift key to capture or kill him. Note: Each time you activate and break the seal, Margwa and bunch of zombies will spawn and there is no way out of going to get perks.

COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Shadow Men Guide

COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Shadow Men Guide

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