COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Fuse Locations


If you notice all over the map, you will see a red box saying “Emergency Response” with 2000. Once you get close, Your screen will say “Civil Protector Offline”. This “Civil Protector” is Robot that can help you up in the higher rounds or doing Easter Egg. What does he do? Of course, Kill zombies in front of you but thats not all. He can revive if you fall down or your teammate, and this cost 2000 points. If you play Black Ops 2 Origins, this is same as how Maxis Drone do. But the different is you have to build it and doesn’t cost any points. Note: This can be use one player at a time.

COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Fuse Locations

First Fuse can be found in Waterfront High Street. Second, Footlight High Street. Third, Canal High Street. Each Fuse has a random locations and can easy found inside of what i mention. Check my video below for more exact locations. 

Note: This can be done in any order.

Next, We have to open Rift using beast mode. Once you are in beast mode, you have to melee the door and this door can be found in Canal Area. Then, go inside all the way straight to the wall where you see a big fuse box. Place your fuse and you character will say something. To check if this done correctly, go in any of that red box. Once you see a green light, You are good to go to use it.

COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Fuse Locations

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