COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil 2nd Hidden Song


This time, we need to look for a three parts to activate the 2nd hidden song.

First part, Microphone Stand. This part is located on Spawn Area in Nero’s Landing. To open the door, You have to be in beast mode and look on the fire exit (ThiCOD BO3 Shadow Of Evil 2nd Hidden Songs located at the door going out), Then grapple it. After that, go straight to the other side of the building where you can see a Electric Box. Zap on it and the door will be open. Now, go to the second level. Once you enter go straight to the wall where you see a barbel (Gym Equipment). In the middle of those staff. you will see a stand. Press “F” (PC Users) and you will hear a chime.

Second Part, Microphone Wire. Head towards to the Canal District all the way down to canal and look under the staircase. Of you get it, you will hear a chime.

Third Part, Microphone. To get this you have to open the rift. To open this, You need to be in beast move and melee the door. Once you are inside, turn right and go straight to the stairs going to the second level. Then, on your left where you see a bench. In between that, Microphone will be on that spot.

Once you collect all the parts, head over to the Footlight District all the way to burlesque building. Then, go to the stage and you will see a microphone (this are all the parts that we collect lately). Press “F” (PC Users) and the song will play right away.

Note: You will hear a chime if you did it correctly. This can be done in any order and can be played once in every gameplay.

COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil 2nd Hidden Song

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