COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Full Easter Egg Guide


First Step: Summon Key And Rituals

This key can be found on Spawn Area. To get it, you have to be in Beast mode then melee the box to reveal the key.

First Ritual: Lawyer’s Pen and Naro’s Landing Door

This pen can be found on Junction Area. Go straight to the end where you see a perk machine (stamin-Up) and Curse Fountain. Do beast mode then, zap the power box in the crane. Next, Look up on the fire exit where you see an Anchor. Grapple it and go straight to the end of the building where there is a power box. Zap it again to open the door. Next, Pick up the pen. Once you pick it up, two Gate keepers will spawn. Kill them. Then, bring this pen to the Naro’s Landing. Once you are inside, you will see a table in the middle. Place the pen with summoning key to start the ritual. Once you are done, Gateworm will spawn. Pick it up you need this later.

Second Ritual: Championship belt and Boxing Gym Door

This ritual is located on the Waterfront District all the way to the end of the map. Same as we did on the first ritual. Look for a Curse Fountain then, do beast mode. Once you are in beast mode, Look up on your right where you will see a box. Grapple it to reach then, Melee. Will you are there, Jump forward. Go straight to the end of the map and melee the door. Next, pick up the belt and kill those two gate keepers. Then, head over the Gym and place the item with the key to start the ritual. Once it done, Pick up the Gateworm.

Third Ritual: Badge and Ruby Rabbit Door

This is located on Canal District. Again, find a Curse Fountain and do beast mode. Once you are in beast mode. Go down on the canal and melee those box and door. After that, Run all the way to the end and zap the Power Box. If you still have a time, Go look up on Ruby Rabbit and find an anchor to Grapple. Then quickly run all the way to the lower level to zap the Power Box. Next, Pick up the badge and kill those Two Gatekeepers. After that, go inside the ruby rabbit and place your item with key to start the ritual. Once its done, pick up the gateworm.

Fourth Ritual: Producer’s Toupee and Burlesque Door

This is located on the Footlight District. Open the doors all the way to the parking lot. Then do beast mode and quickly look up in front of burlesque building. Grapple then turn around to zap the power box. Next, go on your left and quickly grapple to go on the other side of the building. Once you are there, go down on the stairs straight to the ramp then quickly jump to the other side to reach the box and melee. In the middle of this map, there is a Curse Fountain to do Beast Mode. Now, Zap the Power Box for the door and then go up. Next, zap the power box for perk machine. Then, jump on it on the ramp and at the end. Melee to drop the box for our new item. Next, Go down straight to the parking lot. Look up on the building (Burlesque), Grapple it and quickly turn around to see the power box. Next, pick up the item and kill those two gatekeepers. Then, Head over to the end of the map all the way to the burlesque building. Place the item on the table with the key to start the ritual. Once it done, go and pick up your gateworm.

Note: This can be done in any order.

Pack Of Punch

On the Rift, look around and you well see a wall with a weird codes. If you done all four rituals, those fives code will glow into yellowish. Go closer to that wall to open (This will open by itself if you done all four rituals correctly). Behind that wall, you will see a table like on the previous rituals that i mention and four stands just almost same as curse fountain. Place those worm, then place the key on the table to start the last ritual. Once its done, go on the end side of that room where there is a big round thing and there you can pack your gun.

COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Full Easter Egg Guide

Second Step: Sword

To get the sword, you need to open Rift. There are three doors that you can open (Footlight District, Waterfront District and Canal District). Those doors has to be open by Beast mode (Note: any choice of yours to open as long as you can get inside the rift). This can be done before or after you get the codes. Next, we need to get 3 codes to open that. Head over to Waterfront station then ride going to Footlight District. Once the train is moving, look on your right side and check those buildings that has a open window. From Footlight to Waterfront you will get two weird codes. Then, from Footlight district going to Canal District. There you can get the last code. Same as what we did while ago, look on your right but this time around you can only get one code. Last, head over to the Rift and do a beast mode and zap those code that you’ve seen. If you failed on the first attempt, you have to start a new round and do wall codes again. Note: This wall can be found between Curse Fountain and Widow’s Wine Perk.

Charging the Egg

Once its open, get the egg and place it to the statue. This Statue has four locations (Footlight, Waterfront, Canal and Rift). Those four are lock inside the box that can only be open by beast mode. Next, place your egg on any of your choice and kill 10 to 15 zombie near the statue to charge up. If done, you will hear a chime. then pick up and bring it to the other locations. Repeat on what you’ve done on the first statue and do on the rest. Once you complete all statue. go back again where you pick up the egg. Then, place it back and then get your sword.

COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Full Easter Egg Guide

Third Step: Sword Upgrade

Go to you home place where you place the item for doing a ritual and you will see a keeper standing holding an egg (Arch-Ovum). Take it and bring it on four locations (junction, canal, footlight and waterfront). On those locations, look on the floor where you can place your egg. Once you place it, margwa will spawn and you have to take him down. Note: you can only do one at a time each round and if you fail or get down, you have to do it again. Once you complete those four egg, you have to go back again to your home place and give your egg to keeper, then he will reward you an upgraded sword. Tip: Keep one each round so you can focus on it.

COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Full Easter Egg Guide

Fourth Step: Kill Shadow Men

First, we need to activate the flag. Go on Naro’s Landing and go straight in front of book shelves. On the floor you will see a book that is open. Press “F” (PC Users) on it.

Next, Flag will spawn on the rift. Once you grab this (Meatballs and bugs will spawn unlimited), go outside on any locations you’ve like (Junction, Canal District, Waterfront District and Footlight District). Then place it on the floor where you see a electric coming out. Protect the flag until you hear a ding sound. Get the flag again and bring it to the other location(s). Protect and wait for ding sound again. Then, go on the nearest ritual table and place the flag and the gatekeeper will disappear. This gatekeeper will spawn on the rift behind on one of those gateworm. Redo this on the three remaining rituals but you have to place the flag in different spots (not the spot that you already placed). Note: (1) If you go down and you are the one who has the flag, you have to redo it again. (2) You can do this once in every round. (3) Shadow Men will spawn and you have to shot him down so that he cannot do a spell Tip: If you have points, use civil protector and look for a RayGun. 

Once you complete all four gatekeepers, you have to go down on the rift where you place all four gateworms. To kill Shadow Men, You have to activate each gatekeepers to break the seal. Once its break, Shot it until he reach on the table. Then, Quickly place the rift key to capture or kill him. Note: Each time you activate and break the seal, Margwa and bunch of zombies will spawn. This step has no way out of going to get perks if you go down. What i do is i take margwa down and leave some couple of zombies.

COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Full Easter Egg Guide

Final Step

This step needs four players. After you kill Shadow Men, White Screen will appear and you have to find a mist. IF you didn’t get in, you’ll be down or if you are in beast mode. You will just going back to human.

Next, three players must be in beast mode and other one who is human has to call the train. To be in beast mode, Margwa will spawn and you have to kill just one (Note: not all curse fountain are active, so keep looking around). Then, Those three players (beast Mode) has to go on each train stations (Canal, Footlight and Waterfront). Each of those stations has a Electric box that can be zap. Once the other player call the train (Human), quickly zap the box and someone has to run (Again) quickly to junction to zap those Gatekeepers. This Step needs good communication. Tip: Better if all can players will run quickly and zap those gatekeepers to finish it.

COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Full Easter Egg Guide

COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Full Easter Egg Guide

COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Full Easter Egg Guide

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