COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Sword Guide


Sword Wall Codes

To get the sword, you need to open Rift. There are three doors that you can open (Footlight District, Waterfront District and Canal District). Those doors has to be open by Beast mode (Note: any choice of yours to open as long as you can get inside the rift). This can be done before or after you get the codes. Next, we need to get 3 codes to open that. Head over to Waterfront station then ride going to Footlight District. Once the train is moving, look on your right side and check those buildings that has a open window. From Footlight to Waterfront you will get two weird codes. Then, from Footlight district going to Canal District. There you can get the last code. Same as what we did while ago, look on your right but this time around you can only get one code. Last, head over to the Rift and do a beast mode and zap those code that you’ve seen. If you failed on the first attempt, you have to start a new round and do wall codes again. Note: This wall can be found between Curse Fountain and Widow’s Wine Perk.

Charging the Egg

Once its open, get the egg and place it to the statue. This Statue has four locations (Footlight, Waterfront, Canal and Rift). Those four are lock inside the box that can only be open by beast mode. Next, place your egg on any of your choice and kill 10 to 15 zombie near the statue to charge up. If done, you will hear a chime. then pick up and bring it to the other locations. Repeat on what you’ve done on the first statue and do on the rest. Once you complete all statue. go back again where you pick up the egg. Then, place it back and then get your sword.

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COD BO3 Shadow Of Evil Sword Guide

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