COD BO2 MOTD Plane Parts and Locations

Before we start getting the parts, We need Warden’s Key to open those doors. Warden’s Key has 2 locations. First Location : Can be found in front of Cafeteria, Look up towards to the right corner and you will see a Golden Key hanging. To get this, you need to go after life and Look for a blue doorway ( Doorway can be found on upper right side ). Once you are in, zap the power box so that the chain that hold the key will go down.

Second Location : On Warden Office, key  can be spotted on the top left corner in front of the Office. To get this, same as we did on First Location. Enter AfterLife, then look for a Blue Doorway ( Doorway can be found on upper right side ). Zap the power box so that the key will go down.

COD BO2 MOTB Plane Parts and Locations

Plane has five parts

First Part : Gas Tank, Located on Dock. This part has 2 doors to open. To get this part you need to open the first door using Warden’s Key. Then you have to go Afterlife, Zap the power gauge to open the second door.

Second Part : Ring, Located on Spiral Staircase. This part is inside the elevator. To get this, you have to open the cage using Warden’s Key. Then you have to go Afterlife to see the codes to run the Elevator. Each divider wall has a number ( This Codes can be seen on afterlife mode ), Use those numbers. Once the elevator runs down, you have to go back on normal mode to get the part. Note : This part has a time limit.

Third part : Motor, is located on Warden’s Office. Its inside the jail cell, and that door is protected with Electric Field. Note : If you try to open without turning off the power, you will die. To disable it, you need to go down on Generator room, Once you are there. You have to go AfterLife and zap all those 3 Generator Boxes. One is inside the blue doorway. If you did this correctly, you will hear a chime.

Fourth Part : Laundry Cloth is located on Laundry Room. This part is inside the washing machine. To activate it, you need to go AfterLife and zap the Volt Meter. Once you turn on the washing machine, all doors will be lock. Zombie will spawn sometimes Guard ( Boss ). Once the washing machine is done, all doors will be open and you can get the part.

Fifth Part : Valve, Located on 2nd level near the second wolf. This part is easy, just open it using Warden’s Key.

Note : All parts can be done in any order.

To build the plane, you need to open the door on the roof. To open it you need to enter AfterLife mode, Once you are on AfterLife Mode you have to go next to uzi wall. Look for a blue Doorway, Then press jump button twice so that you can clime up to the roof. Once you are in the roof, go straight to the door and you will see a volt meter. Zap it to open the door. Once the plane is build, you can fly going to the Golden bridge where Pack of Punch Machine located.

Note : You can carry one part at a time.

MOTD Plane Parts and Locations

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