COD BO3 Der Eisendrache Zombie Shield


This Zombie Shield are same image on shadow of evil. Each part has a three different location.

First Base. First location is on the upper courtyard area near the door going to the control room. Once you reach on the entrance, go to your right where there a pile of boxes.  Second Location it will be on upper courtyard again, but this time. Its on the opposite side going to the tower. This part will be found on the left side before you will reach the staircase. Third location, Clock Tower. Once you are inside look for a dead zombie sitting on the chair and it will be on his left.

BO3 Der Eisendrache Zombie Shield

Second part Visor. Location, on basement. This part are all on the walls and it required to activate the anti-gravity. To activate this, you need to step four plates for about 5 to 10 secs until it lights up. This plates will be just around the pyramid. First location, its on the top of the doorway going to the teleporter room. Second location, its on the top of pack of punch area. Third location, Its on one of the keeper statue, find the workbench table and it will be just right on that spot.

Third part, booster. First location, lower courtyard. Once you open the door from double tap, look on your right and its will be on the top of that boxes. Second location, near the stair where there is a window. Third location, Go up on the stairs (this stairs will lead you to the death ray trap). Second landing, look on your left and the part will be on that corner.

Note: This can be done in any orders.

COD BO3 Der Eisendrache Zombie Shield

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