Far Cry Primal Beast Master 4th Mission

This is follow up mission from “Vision of Beast”. On this mission you have to tamed the wolf. This is pretty straight forward. Follow the icon until you reach the destination.

First challenge, Kill Udam. There are three udam on the camp that you need to take them down.
Second, Follow the tracks. Use your Hunter Vision to see the foot prints and investigate on your way. Once you are close to your dFar Cry Primal Beast Masterestination, your character will say something.
Third, Bait and Tamed. To create a bait, press “Q” (PC Users) then left click on it. Make sure you have meat available in order to create a bait. Next, go closer to the predator and press middle mouse or “G” (PC Users) to throw it. Once your predator is eating the bait. Go closer then, press and hold “E” (PC Users) to tamed.
To finish this mission, follow the last icon and kill two udams. Its up to you now if you want to send your beast and them both.

Far Cry Primal Beast Master

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