Far Cry Primal Land Or Oros 1st Mission

This game is all about surviving on the jungle where mankind are limited. To survive, you have to find a food, shelter, clothes, etc… For the weapons, it uses bows, spears, etc… old way.

For the first play, its straight forward at the same time a quick tutorial for your basic needs. After watching the introduction, hunting for food is your first task. First, stay crouched and follow dalso.  Keep following him until he command to shot a fire. Second, chase your prey. Keep chasing it, once he is trap throw your spear or use it as weapon. You can only carry two spears and if you throw those, you can still pick up on your prey or look around the rocks to have another spears. Keep chasing it until you will reach on the cliff. Third, kill Mammoth. Once you take your prey down, another video clip will show.

Far Cry Primal Land Of Oros

Path To Oros. First, craft a bow. To craft, you need to gather five alder woods, two reeds and two slates. This resources is just all around you. Once you have it all, press “I” (PC users) and press the bow icon to craft it. Second, Hunt and skin for food. For quick hunt, stay crouched and press “V” (PC users) for vision for better hunting. Once you kill a goat, go close to it and press “E” to skin a goat. Repeat this process until you reach it. Third, find shelter and light a campfire. Look on your mini map to locate the location, then light up the campfire by pressing “E” (PC users). Another short of video clip will show.Far Cry Primal Land Of Oros

Craft a club. Once you have all the resources, press “I” (PC users) then press the club icon to craft it. Second, Ignite your club to make it torch. Go close to your campfire and press “E” (PC users) to ignite. Third, Follow the wenja tracks. Use vision by pressing “V” (PC users) to see the foot tracks. Keep following. If you reach to where there are vines. press action to burn the vein to clear the way. Keep tracking and search for more clue. Note: on the path there are three wolfs. You can kill them or you can scare them using your torch. Its all up to you. Once you reach the end, quick video clip will show and thats the end of quick tutorial.

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