COD BO3 Der Eisendrache Wolf Bow Guide


First, Build the ancient bow. Click this link on how to do that.

Second, Four picture. This picture has to be activated in order. Here are the locations: Power Room, Control Room second level, Trophy Room and Clock Tower. This picture will be on that place but the images are completely random. Each time you got the correct image, you will hear a sound and a wolf symbol will reveal, but if you’ve got it wrong. You need to re do again so its a trial and error process. Once you got all four images correctly, go down on the basement and on the wall, you will see a mark wolf. Once you get close, wall will break and broken arrow will reveal.

COD BO3 Der Eisendrache Wolf Bow Guide

Third, go on the launch pad area and on the cliff, you will see a flag. Shot it using your bow and blue skull will drop. Pick it up and lets move on the next step.

Fourth, go back again on the basement and on the next to the pyramid, there is a skeleton dog. Place the skull and dog spirit will reveal. Follow that until he dug on the dirt then he will stop. Next, you need zombies souls, kill 6 to 10, once it done you can pick up something on where the wolf dig in. Now, the dog will move to the other location so do the same step. Once you complete those three locations, the dog will go on the wall, he will sit then he will stood up looking. If you look up there will be a open wall, shot it using your bow and if you did it correctly. Platform will reveal. Go on that platform and press action button to get the your reforged arrow. Make sure that anti-gravity is activated.

Last, Bring this arrow and place it on the box with a wolf symbol. This box is located next to the pyramid. Kill 15 to 25 zombie , once its done. Place your bow on that box and in a few seconds your new bow will comes up. Pick it up and there you have it.

COD BO3 Der Eisendrache Wolf Bow Guide

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