COD BO2 Build Maxis Drone and Shield

Maxis Drone made up of 3 parts, each part has 3 different location. And spread out on the map. Except for the first part that spotted on spawn area.

COD BO2 Origins Build Maxis Drone

First Part : Spawn Area ( Maxis Brian )

Second Part : Rotor

First Location : Can be seen on Excavation Site Near Pack Of Punch. Second Location : Can be found on the second level of Excavation Site Near Gramophone Table. Last Location : Spotted on lower level of Excavation Site near the statue, Its on the scaffolding.

Last Part : Drone

First Location : Located at the Ice Tunnel Before the Table Near the speaker. Second Location : Between Church to Generator 5, On the pathway of the tank. Look on your right where you see a sign board. Last Location : Between Church to Generator 4, Pathway of the tank. Near sandbags.

COD BO2 Origins Build Maxis Drone and Shield

Zombie Shield has made of 3 parts, same as Maxis Drone. Each parts has a different location.


First Part : Base

First Location : Can be found under the table near the wheel barrow. Second Location : Can be found on the top of Tank Station, Near broken pipes. Last Location : Can be found at the end of the hallway, sitting on wheel barrow.

Second Part : Visor

First Location : Can be Found on Fire Tunnel, Top of the table after the speaker. Second Location : Can Be found on the top of the Wheel Barrow, Near Fire tunnel and Generator 1. Last Location : Can be found on Generator 3, Near the big box before you reach Workshop Station.

Last Part : Body

First Location : Can be found on footstep in front of Excavation Site, Between Generator 5 to Excavation Site. Second Location : At the back of Excavation Site, Footsteps of the robot, Near Flaming Cart. Last Location : Between MP40 and chest, where the robot steps on it.

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