COD BO4 Voyage Of Despair Zombie Shield Upgrade


First, of course we need to build the Zombie Shield.

Next, we need to look for FireWorks. This fireworks spawn on pneumatic tube and it has 4 locations. First: Bridge, On the middle room next to a wall gun. Second: bridge, room almost next to helm (steering wheel). Third: 1st Class Lounge, go pass perk machine straight to the window. Fourth: Promenade Starboard Deck, Last 2nd window next to a door going to Aft Deck. At the end of that tube you will see a small shaking tub. Shoot it so the tube will suck up. Note: First spawn, you need to find 2 firework. After that, firework will spawn one at a time.

There’s 3 locations where we can pick this firework. First: Mail Room, go all the way to the right corner room where you will see a pneumatic tube and it will be on the box. Second: Millionaire Suites, Go straight to the end and look between Vanity Table and Teleporter. Third: Engine Room, Look on the wall says “help” next to that. There’s a table and it’s on the basket.

We need to known our 4 codes. First Location: Mail Room First Level, look next to a staircase where you will see a bottle. Shot that and a paper with numbers will reveal. Second Location: Mail Room Lower Level. This is located close the the staircase going to the upper level. The code will be under the corner table. Third Location: Mail Room Lower Level, Go all the way to the right corner room and look under the corner table. Fourth Location: Cargo Hold, Go to the middle file of boxes and the code will be on the floor. This numbers spawn same in each game but the location is always random. 1st (4250) 2nd (1404) 3rd (1912) 4th (2340) And each code corespondent to a skeleton parts. 1st (Skull) 2nd (Hand) 3rd (Bone) 4th (foot)

Hacking Tool. Get a shield. Go to Mail Room and melee Safe box. Small item will drop. Pick it up. Next, we need to hack 4 safe box using this tool (this can be done in any order) First Location: Bridge. Go the the left side room and the safe will be next to a bed. Place hacking tool and keep an eye of what code will appear. On that code get the skeleton part and place it inside the safe. If it’s correct, safe will glow. Melee using your shield to pick up the hacking tools. do this on 3 other safe box. Second Location: First Class Lounge. This will be next to where you get the parts for distillation kit. Third Location: Millionaire Suites. Safe box will be on the door before you enter to a bed room. Fourth Location: 3rd Class Berths. The safe box is on the right side hallway next to where you can jump to the lower level.

Place your firework on any of this placeholder locations. 2 locations is on the forecastle and 2 locations on poop deck. For me i always put it on the poop deck close the buildable table.

Next, go back to cargo hold and activate ghost car. This car can be found on the corner next to a teleporter. Now, This car will spawn on the sky roaming around 2 times. Once he get closed to where you place the firework. Shot the placeholder so that the firework will stick to the car. Once you’ve done this right. This car will crashed and an iceberg will spawn and it will be drop the shield. Congrats you got a zombie shield upgrade.

Note: If you failed on the first firework shot, go back to all four pneumatic tube and if you see there, shot it again. If its not there then go to the 3 locations where the you can pick up the fireworks. Place it back again to the placeholder and shot once the car ghost past by. If  you don’t see the car ghost spawn. Go back to the Cargo Hold and re activate it again.

Note: This can be done in any order.

COD BO4 Voyage Of Despair Zombie Shield

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