COD BO2 Origins 9 Perks

First Step : you need is to have a shovel. Next, you need find and digCOD BO2 Origins 9 Perks those random bones of files around the map ( You’ll get a random item or equipment whenever you dig ). Continue digging until reach for about 30th pile, Then your shovel will automatically turn into the Golden Shovel ( you will hear a sound ).

Note: You don’t need to have a Golden Helmet to achieve this Guide

COD BO2 Origins 9 Perks

Shovel Locations

Two On the spawn area
One in the Wind tunnel next to the workbench.
One in the Lightning tunnel next to the table.
One underneath the church, behind the tank across from the workbench

Second Step : You need to get a zombies blood. You can get ones in every round. If zombies blood didn’t spawn, Head over in the middle of the map. Then look around the Excavation site where they are 3 flaming carts. Shoot Those 3 carts using Ice Staff ( You will hear a sound ), Ones you hear the sound go all the way on the top of Excavation Site right next to the pack of punch area. And there, you get your free zombie blood. This next steps will be a challenging part.

Third Step : Ones you are on Zombie Blood Mode ( Zombie Blood Mode will last on specific time ). Look around the map until you found a red piles of bones ( This piles are invisible and can only be found by having a zombie blood ). Ones you found one, dig on it and you will get a empty bottle ( This files appears ones in every round. And randomly scattered around the map ). Then head Over to the Wonderfizz and fill up your bottle with a new perk.

Note: Don’t get the Double Tap until you didn’t reach the last 8 Perks. For some reason, if you get the Double Tap, You cannot get anymore perks. Tips, Get Stamina-Up So that you can run and move quickly.


1) One on Gen 6 right next to the chest. 2) One on Gen 5 near on the chest. Its just on the right side. 3) One in the front of Excavation where the robot step. 4) One on right side of Excavation near the chest. Its almost same location where you get the part of fire ( when you shoot the glowing plane then it drops ). 5) Near on Jug. Between Wonderfizz and Juggernog. 6) One on the path of the tank. Between Tank station to Gen 5. 7) One on the path Of the tank again. Its Between Tank station to Gen 4. 8) Again, One on the path of the Tank. Between Gen 4 to Gen 3. 9) One again on the path of the Tank. Between Gen 5 To Gen 2. 10) One on the Gen 3 near the window. 11) Next on Gen 2, Near the cart at the end of the hallway where you can get the part of the shield. 12) On the other side of Gen 2, Where the tank sit and just behind on it. 13) One on the hallway going to Gen 2, in front of the wallgun. 14) One on the Hallway again going to Gen 2, front on the door where you open the Spawn Area. 15) One on the Fire tunnel, Before you reach at the bottom. 16) One between Fire Tunnel and Sentex, Where theres a hallway that end.

This Are All Available’s Perks

  • Deadshot Daiquiri
  • Double Tap II Root Beer
  • Electric Cherry
  • Jugger-Nog
  • Mule Kick
  • PhD Flopper
  • Quick Revive
  • Speed Cola
  • Stamin-Up

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