COD BO3 Revelations Zombie Shield


Each Part has a three different locations every time you play. Most of them are in the same area.

First Part: Body
Location: Verruckt

First Spot: Second Level At the Counter Table
Second Spot: Second Level, On the Broken wheel chair near Mystery Box
Third Spot: Lower level, Post. Between Speed Cola Machine and Lunch Pad ( Kino Der Toten )

First Part: Visor
Location: Der Eisendrache
All spots are on the wall.

Note: You need to activate gravity by stepping all four plates around pyramid. This step are same on Der Eisendrache Map.

First Part: Dragon Head
Location: Origins
First Spot: Use Jump Pad on Starting room going to origins, Walk or run on your right hallway and look for a box. Your part is there.
Second Spot: Starting on Jump Pad Again, Walk couple of steps and on the wall you will see your part.
Third Spot: Start again on Jump Pad, Walk or Run on your right side. Once you reach the door you will a chair with table, your part is there.

COD BO3 Revelations Zombie Shield

COD BO3 Revelations Zombie Shield

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