Far Cry Primal Vision Of Beast 3rd Mission

This mission is a long way walk. Find some bonfire so that on the next time you go back near that spot, you can Far Cry Primal Vision Of Beastdo fast travel. Once you reach your destination, video clip will show and you have to tame the owl.

First attempt, walk until you see and reach the owl. He will disappear and you will ended flying. Note: left and right button are same but up and down are counter. Means that your up key is walking forward but if you are flying, up key is down.

Second attempt, owl will be keep transferring while you get close. At the end of this location, same as how the first attempt happen. He will again disappear and you will ended up flying.

For the last location, keep following him until he reach at the end and that’s the time you can tame. To call him, press “Z” (PC users). To spy up air if theres an enemy near by.

COD BO3 The Giant Radio Locations

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