COD BO2 MOTD Golden Spoon


COD BO2 MOTD Golden Spoon ( Alcatraz )

Golden Spoon is a melee weapon and its only available on Mob Of The Dead Map. This weapon is a 1 hit kill until round 34. There are couple of steps before you start getting this weapon.

First Step : you need to get Hell’s Retriever. Second, You need to get the BlunderGat ( Wonder Weapon ), Either on the box or the free one. Third, you need to go on the bridge ( Golden Gate Bridge ) Note : if you already went there you can skip this step. Last, You need to upgrade your BlunderGat to Acid Gat ( you my need this later ). This last, can be done before Fifth Step, Or you can do it before you can start upgrading your Melee Weapon. Either way, Your Choice.

Second Step : Poster on Jail Cell

This poster is located between Warden’s Office and Max Ammo ( Max Ammo thats inside Jail Cell ). Use your Hell’s Retriever to remove that poster and hidden symbols will appear. Next, go in front of Warden’s Office and enter AfterLife Mode. Once you are in AfterLife Mode you will see a blue doorway next to the Electric box. Go inside and zap the spoon next to the skull. You will hear a laugh if you did this correctly.

Third Step : 2nd Spoon on cafeteria

Go on the window near build-able table. On the top of the table theres a spoon, to get it use your Tomahawk. If you did this correctly, you will hear a voice saying.

Fourth Step : 3rd Spoon on Bathtub

3rd Spoon is located on the 2nd level near Mystery Box. To get the 3rd spoon, you have to go near the bathtub and press and hold “F” ( For PC ) to stir the tub. Continue holding until the spoon goes completely into the tub.

Fifth Step : Laundry Room

This is where we need the Acid Gat. Go inside the laundry room and use your Acid Gat. If you did this correctly, you will hear a laugh ( Chime ). Note : no guns are allowed to use on this step. If one of your player(s) use a gun on this step, you have to re do it again after next round.

Last Step : Golden Spoon

Go back again on the bathtub, and press “F” ( for PC ). Hand will appear holding the Golden Spoon, grab it and use it. Congratulations!! You got your Golden Spoon!!

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