COD BO2 MOTD Free Blundergat


COD BO2 MOTD Free Blundergat

COD BO2 MOTD Free Blundergat is main wonder weapon on this map. You can get this on mystery box or getting it for free . To get this free, first you have to get Hells Retriever ( heres the link on how to get hells retriever ). Second you need to build AcidGat ( AcidGat is for upgrading BlanderGat, Heres the link for this ).

Note : for some reason, if you get all blue skulls without building AcidGat Upgrade. Free BlunderGat will not show up on the table.

COD BO2 MOTD Free Blundergat

Theres five blue skull scattered around the map, and always on its same place. To check if the you are in the right location, go on afterlife mode ( this blue skulls cant be seen by normal game play ). To get this, you need to use your TomaHawk. Note : This steps can be done in order.

First Location : On spawn area after the stairs case, going to first wolf. Its inside jail cell.

Second Location : Roof, Left side and look outside the map. Theres a two buildings with corners, aim our tomahawk on the first corner.

Third Location : Wardens Office, Located near Speed Cola. Look on the window and aim your tomahawk on wire post.

Fourth Location : Dock, its near sniper tower. Look outside the map and you will see a three big post, aim it at the middle.

Fifth Location : Dock, Near Juggernug. Look up and its on the top of the light post.

If you done this correctly, You will hear a laugh. To get this free wonder weapon, go on wardens office near Speed Cola. Theres a table, that table is where this will appear.

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