TC The Division Base Of Operation 2nd Mission Walkthrough 

This Base of operation is your private base, it has three components that upgradable. Tech wing, Medical wing and Security wing. To upgrade each wing, you need to do the mission in order to unlock perks, talents and abilities.

COD BO3 The Giant Radio Locations

TC The Division Base Of OperationAfter you landed on Hudson camp, look around at the exit and you will find a laptop to unlock your secondary weapon. Now, to go the mission press “M” (for PC users) for map to find the location. Watch out on the streets that you will encounter some hostile. First location, Establish the base. Just clear out all the hostile but be aware on the boss. Second location, enter the base. Third location, investigate each wing. This is press straight forward, just follow those blinking icon and boot up the computer to unlock each wings. Fourth location, meet faye lau at the entrance. After you meet him, your objectives are complete and  a new mission will reveal.

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