COD BO2 Origins Hidden Songs

First COD BO2 Origins hidden song that we are going to unlock Title “Archangel” By :  Kevin Sherwood, Elena Siegman, Malukah, and Clark S. Nova

There are 3 meteor rocks scattered around the map. To Activate the song, press “F” on your keyboard if you are on PC. Once you press it correctly, you will hear a chime. First Location : Spawn area between chest and exit going to generator 3. Second Location : Workshop under bed before Excavation Site ( Exit Door ). Last Location : Behind Excavation site, Its on the scaffolding going to generator 4.

Second COD BO2 Origins hidden song that we are going to unlock Title “Sheperd Of Fire”

To Unlock this song, you need Prone then Crawl on the floor where the generator numbers are ( Each Generator has number on each sides ). Once you press it, you will hear a familiar chime ( Means its activated ). First and Second Location Numbers can be found on spawn area. Look on the floor around generator and you will see a number “1”. Last Location is on Generator 5. Just only one number “5”, And that number is facing outside the map. Once you Activate all there numbers, song will start. This locations is kind a confusing. See Image Below.

Third COD BO2 Origins hidden song that we are going to unlock Title “Sheperd Of Fire” By : Avenged Seven Fold

There are 3 audio boxes thats has been scattered around the map. This audio box is color red. But this time, if you press “F” no chime or something to hear. Press twice or more than twice, just to make it sure that you activated. First location is spotted on Excavation site below. Walk on scaffolding facing to the statue and near the corner. Second location spotted on Crazy place ( Agarta ). Between Fire and Wind Platform. Last Location spotted inside the robot. This Robot is passes by on Church and Generator 6. Once you are inside, Look on your right after you exit.

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