COD Call Of The Dead Zombies

COD call of the dead zombies is the ninth map. Treyarch called it “a unique Zombies experience” and is “a very special creation for all Zombie fans”. The level is the first to feature actual celebrities fighting off zombies and features George A. Romero as one of the zombies. Call of the Dead occurs on an abandoned Siberian coast which features a shipwrecked freighter, a vibrant lighthouse, and a sparse coast.

George Romero is a special enemy from the start. If yo

Call of the dead easter egg steps

u shoot him or get too close to him, he goes crazy and runs at you. Ifyou kill George Romero, You will get a free random perk and death machine or wonderwaffle “if you already finish COD call of the dead zombies easter egg steps Co-op“. To calm him down Lead him to icy water. 

COD Call Of The Dead Easter Egg Guide

The Pack-a-Punch machine will be at random located in any of three spots around the map. It has 3 locations : On quick revive, Juggernog and Stamin-up. To access it, light beam starts to spin around. Lightning strike is heard and the beam will start to move radically, and will eventually stop and point to the Pack-a-Punch machine which rises up from the water. After a while, the Pack-a-Punch machine will lower back into the water and the light beam will start rotating again. The machine cannot be located or used when the light beam is not pointing at it.

COD Call Of The Dead Zombies Easter Egg Steps

Co-op Complition

call of the dead zombies

Step One : You must turn on the power and head to the building next to the lighthouse. Inside the building is a metal door on the bottom floor where on the top level you’ll find PHD flopper. Stand close to hear the old characters ( Richtofen, Nikolia and Dempsey ). They will say they’re trapped and you need to help them. Press “F” ( for PC ) to knife the door and they will tell you want what they need. 

Step Two : Go on the next level of the building where the PHD flopper at and look for a fuse. You will see a cabinet and two tables, ( on the floor, near a filing cabinet, on the table, or on the second table ). Take it back downstairs and place it in a panel to the right of the door.

Step Three : Blow up all four generators to complete this step. Use your grenade or any guns like RPG, Scavenger, etc. to blow up the red lights. You have to aim it where the red lights are. This can be done in any order, First is where the metal door is, second is on stamin-up where you can find a window ( look ), Third is on bottom floor of the ship you will find it on your left when you came from AK74U ( its between MP40 and AK74U ), last is on double tap look on your left side out of the map. 

Step Four : Bottle of Vodka. This step requires two players. One player must knife the Vodka while the other player catches it by pressing the activate button. If one of the players doesn’t catch the bottle, a new bottle will show up in a new location. The bottles are always on rails near two floor areas. Check My screen shots for all location of the bottles.
The player who catches the bottle must take it to the steel door and insert it into a tube it on the left side.

Step Five : This step is toughest for me. You must head to the lighthouse and turn four dials to read 2746 from top to bottom. This is tough because once you turn one dial, another dial may turn at the same time. The colors from top to bottom are Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Purple. So the numbers and colors will be 2 (Yellow), 7 (Orange), 4 (Blue), and 6 (Purple). Turn the dials in the following order to get them all set right:

• Turn the Yellow dial to 2.
• Turn the Blue dial until the Orange dial is set to 7. It worked when Blue was 5 for us.
• Turn the Purple dial to 6. That was all we needed to do, but some people say you need to turn the other dials a bit more.
• Turn the Orange dial until Blue dial is set to 4.
• Turn the Yellow dial to 2.

Step Six : This step needs to be in specific order. You must activate four radios set throughout the map. First location is below on power room where you will see a cabinet next to M16. Radio is on the top of the cabinet. Second location is on stamin-up house, go inside look for a barrel and its on the top. third location is on a big steel crate, in between MP40 and mule kick. Last is on the top of the cabinet under the stairs case where our old characters are trap. 

If you successfully activate the radio, you will hear a Morse code with a green light blinking on the sky.

Step Seven : This step requires you to go to the ship where you turn on the power. Move the Helm (Ship’s Steering Wheel) two turns clockwise. After that, look for three levers to the right of the wheel. Think of the levers in this order 1-2-3. Pull the first lever once and the third lever three times. If you did this right, you will he a horn sound.

If you did this correctly, you will hear a horn and the green light will be steady.

Step Eight : Foghorns around the lighthouse. This steps needs to be in specific order .The foghorns look like little lawn lamps. First location is on the small icy pool. Second is on the icy pool after the slide near Speed Cola. Third is on left of the light house near AK74U. last is on the Speed Cola next to the boulder. If you did it right, Submarine will light up the light house.

Look up on the lighthouse and you will see a green light pointing on the top. That light is came from a submarine, and when you go inside the light house in the middle you will see a green light too.

Step Nine : This steps need a special gun called VR-11. Shoot a zombie to turn it into a human. The human will run into the lighthouse and up the green light. Follow and kill it before it reaches the top of the green light. He can take a lot of damage, so get a Ray Gun or Scavenger. The gold ROD will float down the green light. Grab it and return to the door where the Easter Egg started. Place the ROD into the tube on the left side of the door. Wait for a bit of dialogue, then melee the fuse to end the Easter Egg.

How To Activate Hidden Song

First is on the spawn area, look for a barrels before opening the door going to the lighthouse.

Second location is on below power, its on the bench.

Third Location is on PHD Flopper room, Its under the table beside the bed.

All Perks Available

Quick Revive

Location : On spawn area, across the water.


Location : Located where the pack of punch spawn, its inside the room where you can get stackout gun.

Speed Cola

Location : At the bottom of the lighthouse, there are 2 doors. One is going to the AK74U and the other one goes to the pack of punch. Turn to your right, where the slide at, and its on your right.


Location : Its inside the ship where the pack of punch spawn. Go straight and turn right.

Deadshot Daquiri

Location : Its on the top of the lighthouse.

Double Tap

Location : Its inside the ship. You will find this at the far end, before you reach the power room.

PHD Flopper

Location : located on the top floor  where the old characters are been trap.

Mule Kick

Location : located on the far end of the ship. Its on the top of the jug.


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