COD BO2 Buried Free Perks


COD BO2 Buried Free Perks

On this Map ( COD BO2 Buried Free Perks ), There are seven perks available ( Juggernug, Quick Revive, Speed Cola, Mule Kick, Vulture, Double Tap and Stamin-up ) you can get this for free. How?

You have to go inside the hunted house and come out on the other side, once you are out. wait for the ghost to come after you, kill her then thats the time you can get those free perks ( this can be done in every fifth of the rounds ).

Second, you can do this just one at a time in every game play. You need Ballistic Knife, then go inside the Saloon. Look on the wall and you will see a dart board, use you ballistic knife to hit the bullseye. If you this correctly, You will hear and see the piano ( near the stairs ) will play. Now, go inside the Haunted House come out to the other side. And then go back again. Once you are back inside again, you will see a ghost playing the piano. Come close to her and give her 10 points in return of a perk.

Note : save your points before entering the mansion or else this ghost will suck 1000 every time she touch you.

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