COD BO4 Blood Of The Dead Easter Egg Most Escape Alive


First, We need Tomahawk ( Upgrade or not is ok ). Link how to get it. Zombie Shield, this has to be upgraded. Link on how. Monkey bomb, Theres an easy way to get this for free. Check this link how. Last, Spoon. Upgraded or not its ok. Link on how to get.

Second, Go to Warden’s House and on the second level. Knife the wall. Then, this is where you need the monkey bomb. Once you have it. Bring warden to that location and then, throw your monkey bomb next to where you scratch the wall. Go inside turn on the power and then pick up the orb on the table. Bring that orb to spawn area and place it to the map. This map is located on the lower level and its on the wall. After that, go the the corner of that room and you will see a book. Press action button.

COD BO4 Blood Of The Dead Easter Egg Most Escape Alive

Third, We need to find the bird. Bird will spawn once in every round and it has a 27 locations. Check this link for the 27 locations. Once you see him use your spirit blast. Now, on the fourth times, the bird is not seen-able by the shield. To know wheres the last, look around the map and once you hear a man crazy or laughing thats your last bird. Don’t blast that he will just run away. To get him, go to the spiral staircase and input this number 8 7 2 and a zombie blood will spawn. What i do is i equip with temporary gift to make my zombie blood last a little longer. Now, go to that location and use you Zombie Shield Window to see the bird. Once you see him, Throw your tomahawk. Then, Pick up the book and bring it to Warden’s House. Place it to him and the 5 challenges will start.

COD BO4 Blood Of The Dead Easter Egg Most Escape Alive

Fourth, Five challenges. This has a five location (Shower, New Industries, Michigan Avenue, Dock and Power House) randomly in each gameplay. To start with, you need to press action button On the book then use your shield window and get the code. Note: This code is rondomly change in each gameplay. Now, go to the spiral staircase and input that number. Once its right you will hear a quote from your character. Now, look on those 5 locations then once you see it blast it using zombie shield. Note: you have to do this every challenges.

Shower challenge, use you zombie shield window and blast the energy orb. then, Spirit ghost will spawn. From that you need to press action button to him and he will give you his instrument. Next, a blue fire ring will spawn on that location. Go inside, then you need to kill a zombie. Once the instrument is fully charge, you will hear a Guitar sound. Bring it back to him and wait for the orb to drop. Pick that up.

New Industries Challenge, Same as what we did on the first challenge. look for the energy orb and blast it. Then, go to D-Block and kill 1 zombie. Use your zombie shield window to see the hidden ghost and blast him. Now, you need to use your key to charge him up. Once he disappear, Blast him again and charge it up. This has to be done four times. Once the ghost are fully form as a human, back to new industries and wait for him to the trap. once is close to the trap, turn it on to kill him. Orb will be drop.

Michigan Avenue Challenge, Same use zombie shield to show hidden energy and blast it. Next, go to cafeteria and kill one zombie. Then, use your zombies shield window to show the hidden ghost then blast him. Follow him but don’t let the zombie kill him or you will failed.

Dock Challenge, Again same use zombie shield to see the hidden energy orb and then blast it. This challenge is trial and error. Go to sallys port straight to where you get the acid part and on the table you will see a morse code unit. Now this is where the trial and error start, press 3 second for a long morse code and press quick for the short code. If you hear a laugh then you are wrong. If you hear your character quote then you are good to go. Now, you need to infirmary and kill one zombie. Then, use your zombie shield window and blast the hidden ghost and press action button to him. This ghost needs a spirit to move and you need to bring him to the dock. Just kill a zombie next to him and he will follow where you go.

Power House challenge, This challenge is the hardest part but still manageable. Again same, zombie shield blast the energy orb. Now, go to the power room (building 64) and then press action button to a steam machine. Simon say will start. Follow the light on the generators and once you got all right. 3 generators will light up. On each of that generator they have a code. Take pic or memories it then go the middle gate and pick up the punch card. Bring this card to the spawn area and place it to the machine. Now all the monitors will light up. Look the code that youve got on the generators and press action button. Now the code will be change. Take a pic on it or memories it. Next, go to the power house. On those lever, below you will see a code. Now use zombie shield window and blast the ghost next to your code. You had to do this 3 times. If you got it wrong then you had to start from the beginning of this challenge. Once you got it all right, orb will be drop. Pick it up.

Now you have five orbs on you. Bring it to the spawn area and place this on the map. Next, go the ritual room then, press action button to the book. Cut scene will start, once its done follow the bird and pick up your gear. At the end last orb will drop. Pick it up and place it to the map.

COD BO4 Blood Of The Dead Easter Egg Most Escape Alive

Fifth, Boss fight. Once he spawn shoot the 3 electric orbs and on the top of the machine theres a white orb. Blast it using zombies. I think you had to do this four times. Then, if you are rictofen. You need to go the machine and press action button. Cut scene will start and then, you will spawn a new rictofen. To end this Easter Egg you need to go inside the ritual circle and press action button. That’s it you got the achievement “most escape alive”.

Full Easter Egg Video

COD BO4 Blood Of The Dead Easter Egg Most Escape Alive

COD BO4 Blood Of The Dead Easter Egg Most Escape Alive

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