COD BO3 Gorod Krovi Full Easter Egg Guide


First thing you need is to get Dragon Strike Controller and Gauntlet Of siegfried. You can do this first or you can do this will doing Easter Egg steps. Your option.

First, Turn ON Power Generator and Cylinder Code

To start this, you need to activate the generator on Hatchery Area by killing a drone next to it. If you did this correctly, You will see a glowing reddish.

Next, Locate the code and find Green Light

There are six Air valve around the map and one of them has a code inside the tube. Green light is your starting point. Each Air valve has a bulb on the top and others are led up with blue just ignore it. One of them are led up with green and thats your GO signal.

This part is a dial numbers that you need a code for each of those valves. If you did this correctly, Code cylinder will pop out.

Note: This locations are randomly changing each gameplay

Next, Bring it to Sophia and place it on the slot. Sophia will ask a password. Input this code “KRONOS”.

COD BO3 Gorod Krovi Full Easter Egg

Second, Six Trophy

First location: Front of Dragon Command. Its on the hand of a human sculpture.

Second Location: Tank Factory. On this part, you need dragon shield. Then, go on the catwalk facing toward the window aiming down to the pipe and then shot your dragon shield to reveal the trophy.

Third Location: Supply Depot. Activate the Beam Trap and wait until its done. Then, trophy will reveal on the floor.

Fourth Location: Supply Depot Outside Area. For this location, we need Dragon Strike and Place it on puddle to reveal another trophy.

Fifth Location: Hatchery Area. Shot the red light bulb to turn green located at the sewer, once its turns green. Trophy will come out on the toilet. This toilet is located on the main floor area of the hatchery.

Six Location; Operation Bunker. For this we need baby dragon (Gauntlet Of Siegfried)  By using the attack mode on the safe.

Note: This can be done in any order and you can do this early.

COD BO3 Gorod Krovi Full Easter Egg

Third, Trophy Challenges

Module Challenge

This challenge are same as how we get the parts of dragon network console. The difference is it drops outside the map. It will indicate on the board where the module at. Once the module are safe, bring out your baby dragon and let him fly to get the part. Next, bring it to sophia and place it on the box.

Orbs (Gersh) Challenge

First you need to pack your gun. Then look around the map and shot this orbs. This orbs are always move place to place so keep looking all over the map. Once you hit him hard, This orbs will stop and start talking, then he will go to another place. Once you hit him hard on the third time, your character will command him to go to dragon command. Meet him there to finish this challenge.

Drone Escort Challenge

Drone will start on the spawn area and you need to escort him to sophia. Note: Be careful to shot or melee him because  if he explode, you failed and redo again next round.

Russian Mangler Challenge

For this Challenge, Look around the map and find Russian Mangler with a green yellow eyes. Once you found him, Lead him to sophia.

Bomb Challenge

This challenge need to memories or write it down all the locations in order to deactivate the bomb. If you made a mistake deactivating you will get down. Note: This challenge has time so do it fast as you can.

Lockdown Challenge

Sophia will give you a disk to bring it to Hatchery area, Then place the disk on server to start downloading. This challenge are identical on how you get Dragon Strike Controller but the difference is you are just dealing with manglers.

Once you complete all the trophy challenges, Sophia will grant your request and give you Power Core. Then, go to spawn area near the train and bring out your baby dragon to deliver this to Nikolia.

COD BO3 Gorod Krovi Full Easter Egg

Boss Fight

Before you step on the gate make sure you have everything to bring like gums, pack guns and equipment like Helmet or Wings, for our experience best to use is Helmet. Once you are ready step all players on the sewer gate (if you are co-op Or if so solo just step on it) to open and bring you to the place. Before the fight start, you need to activate Beam Trap located in the middle to give power to nikolia.

First boss fight, Dragon.

To defeat this, wait for nikolia to shot something to have a dragon weak spot and this is your target. First spot is below the wings. Second spot is on the belly and the last is on the neck. Once its done, quick video clip will start playing and you’re on for the next fight.

Last Boss Fight, Nikolia.

For this fight we need to destroy three power cores and this are located on the top of his shoulder and front middle. This Power Core shows up once he shot his special weapons. First expose is on his top shoulder. Once you destroy those two cores. You’re on the last and hardest part that you need to do face to face. Once its done, Video clip will start playing. Congrats, you unlock the achievement “LOVE AND WAR”.

COD BO3 Gorod Krovi Full Easter Egg

COD BO3 Gorod Krovi Full Easter Egg Guide

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