COD BO3 Revelations Egg Locations


Here are 15 Egg locations

Two on the Spawn Area: One near jump pad towards Origin, its on the left top of the drum. Other one is near jump pad towards Shangri-la, its on the top of the concrete right next stairs.

Two on Shangri-La: First located near jump pad, sitting on the concrete between stairs and windows. Second location is in the fire, This fire is located on the long stairs toward Der Eisendrache.

Two on Der Eisendrache: First located next to Summoning Altar, its in the foot of the statue. Second located next to WonderFizz, Its in the basket.

One In Kino Der Toten: Its in the middle hallway of the theater.

Four in Verruckt: First located on second level next to the shield part. Second located on hallway near Corrupt Engine, Its in the corner near the stairs. Third Location Second Level near jump pad, its on the corner next to wonderfizz. Fourth location Second Level near summoning altar.

Three in Origin: First located on second level(Excavation Site) next to the WonderFizz. Second located next to Summoning Altar, its all the way to the corner. Third Location, its on the hallway towards Mob of the Dead.

One in Mob Of The Dead: Located on Corrupt Engine, its in the corner.

COD BO3 Revelations Egg Locations

COD BO3 Revelations Egg Locations

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