COD BO4 IX Zombie Shield


This Zombie Shield has 3 parts and each parts has 3 random locations each gameplay.

First Part: Front Body. All 3 Locations are in Ra Altar Tower. 1st: From stairs, go straight on the right corner next to a window. 2nd: From stairs, go to you’re left and you will see the part next to the window. 3rd: From stair, turn right straight to the corner.

Second Part: Body. 1st Location: Odin Tower: Cauldron. From Odin-Zues Temple Entrance to Odin Tower: Cauldron, Go straight to the corner and the part is sitting on the post. 2nd Location: Odin Tower: Entrance. From stair, look on the shield rack. 3rd Location: From the stair, Turn right away and you will see a barrel with spears and the part sits on it.

Third Part: Blade. 1st location: Zeus Tower: Bathhouse. part is in the altar and this altar is in between of stairs and window. 2nd Location: Zeus Tower: Entrance. From Zeus Tower: Bathouse to Zues Tower: Entrance, go all the way to the right corner next to a window where you will see a full sculpture with the hand reaching. 3rd Location: Zeus Altar Room. From stairs, turn all the way to the left straight to the corner and the part will be on the foot of the  full sculpture.

Note: The parts can get in any order.

COD BO4 IX Zombie Shield

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