COD BO2 MOTD Hells Retriever

To unlock this Weapon, you have to feed three ( 3 ) wolf. This three wolfs are located in different areas of the map. And all of those location does change there position. Hell’s Retriever is one of the Wonder Weapon on this map. This weapon is a Flaming Tomahawk and its unlimited. This is really use full like picking up some items ( Power Ups ), or charging it up to make more damages on Zombies.

First Wolf

First Wolf is located on Cell Blocks near the starting room. To check if you are in the right location, look on the wall and you will see head with a red mark line. Wolf will not appear until you didn’t kill any Zombie. Once you kill a zombie, head of a wolf will appear and he will suck in the dead body. Tip : Before you kill another Zombie, wait for him to swallow. Once he ate 7 to 12 Zombie, Wolf head will disappear and the drawing on the wall goes to a bright red. Meaning that you are done on this first step.

Second Wolf

Second wolf can be found on Infirmary next to the roof door. Same procedure that we did on the first wolf. Once you are done feeding this Second Wolf you can proceed to the Last Wolf.

Last Wolf

Last Wolf is located on the docks. Same procedure as we did on the previous Wolf. Feed For about 5 to 10 zombies.

Once you feed all three Wolfs, you can pick up your Hell’s Retriever. It’s located between Citadel Tunnels and Laundry Room. You will see a wall that is open. Inside of that, you will see a Tomahawk floating on a red Beam of light.

BO2 MOTD Hells Retriever

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