BO2 Origins Little Lost Girl Easter Egg Guide

Step 1 A : Build and upgrade all elemental staff ( Secure The Cage )

Before we begin, make sure that you know already how to build and upgrade all four Elemental Staffs. If not Here’s the guide that redirect you to the other page. If you know already, then lets proceed. Origins Little Lost Girl Easter Egg Guide.

BO2 Origins Little Lost Girl Easter Egg

BO2 Origins Little Lost Girl Easter Egg

Step 1 B : Field Up 4 Chests

There are 4 chest scattered around the map. First location can be found on the side of Excavation Site. Second locations behind the juggernog. Third location is at Generator 5, and last is on Church entrance. To complete this step, you have to kill zombies near the chest to collect a soul. Each chest requires 30+ souls. Once you Filled up all those 4 chest, You will hear a sound or a chime. And some symbols will appear on your screen, right next to your perks. Last Step we need to do is to get Fist. You Can Get your Fist By going to the challenge chest located at Spawn area and Generator 6. Note : If the robot steps on the chest that is not been finish, then you have to start filling it up again.

Step 2 : Ascend From Darkness

Once you Complete step one A, Four Pedestal will appear. On this step you need to place all four staff on each pedestal. Each Pedestal has specific staff that you need to place. To find out what staff you need to place, you need to be on blood zombie mode and on the top of that pedestal. You will see a name or something to give you idea which staff has to be on that. To make this step easy, Just follow this : First location is Below Excavation Site, where you wield the staffs. 3 locations are inside the robots, Thor, Fraya and Odin. Place Lightning Staff inside robot named ( Thor ). Thor walks at the far right side of the map where Generator 1, Generator 2 and Generator 3. Place Ice Staff named Fraya. Fraya walks at the far left side of the map where Generator 1, generator 2, and generator 3. Second to the Last, Place Wind Staff Inside the robot named Odin. Odin walks in the middle of the map. Where Excavation site, Generator 4, and generator 5 is. Last is below Excavation Site. And This is for fire staff. This can be done in any order.  Note : Make sure all generators are up and running.

Step 3 A : Cleaning Up Slab ( Stone ) On the Holy Water

G-Strike ( Beacon ) Bomb : On this step, you need to get Stone slabs. This Stone Of Slab is located on Tank Station on rear exit ( Generator 2 ). One player is required to complete the Main Easter Egg. Bring that Stone on the Church and place it on Water Basin. Next, You have to kill zombies near the stone. Once the stone turn white, you will hear a sound ( Chime ). Then bring it back on Tank Station ( Generator 2 ). Note : Watch out to step on the mud. Once you step on the mud samantha will say something and you have to bring it back again on basin to clean up the stone. On this last step, you need to kill zombies again near the stone. Once you complete this step, samantha will chime. Beacon Bomb will appear on the top of the Stone, Grab it. You may need this later.

Step 3 B : Only The Giants Can Break The Seal ( Rain Fire )

On this Step, three ( 3 ) robots walks at the same time. And just one foot is open. Once the player inside, head over to the front. And you will see a red button. Have a teammate reader ( Player that has a Beacon Bomb ). This player has to be on Generator 5 and look outside the map on the right corner after lightning tunnel. Look for a round concrete floor, And this is where you are going to throw the G-Strike. Once the G-Strike is in place ( Make sure its on circle ), Have a teammate hit the button.

Step 4 : Soul Must Release From The Pit ( Release The Horde )

Next Step, You need to Build Maxis Drone ( Build Maxis Drone Link ) ( Note : You can build Maxis Drone In any Round You Like ). Release Maxis Drone near the hole to Unleash The Horde of Soldats. 8 Panzer will spawn, and you have to kill them all to proceed to the next step. Tip : Let one player hold one zombie to make it easy to kill all panzer. Note : Maxis Drone will be unavailable until the next step has been done.

Step 5 : Find The Spirit Of The Sky. Only On Earth Can It Be Defeated ( Secure The winged Beast )

We need to get back Maxis Drone. To get him back, you need to be on Zombie Blood Mode ( Zombie Blood Mode Link ). Once you are on Zombie Blood Mode, Look up on the sky and shoot the glowing plane like when you are getting the fire part ( This glowing plane can be seen on Zombie Blood Mode ). After shooting the plane, Keep an eye. Something is coming down came from the plane. Follow and kill it. If you miss it, this zombie run clockwise around the Excavation Site. Once you are back in Zombie Blood Mode. Run Counter Clock wise on Excavation Site and Kill that Zombie then get the Upgraded Maxis Drone.

Step 6 : Guardian Of The Soul, Must Feel Your Might (Wield Of Fist Of Iron )

This step is kind a hard if you are in the higher rounds. Head over below the Excavation site and Punch all Zombies that has a glowing hand. All players must do this to complete this step. When you reach 20+, Stone will appear. Grab it and your fist will become Iron Fist ( If you are using Fire Staff, Your Fist will become fire ). Once all player have there Iron Fist, Samantha will speak up and thats the time you can proceed to the last step.

Step 7 : Release The Soul Of The Ancient ( Raise Hell )

On This Last Step, Head over again on Crazy Place ( Agarta ). And place all the staff on pedestal. Once you place all the staff, look up and you will see a glowing light. This light needs to feed zombie soul. Once you filled it up, a bright light will appear on the screen and all those fallen walls will be gone. On the middle, you will see a Hole of sky Like a Portal. Means that you achieve the Main Easter Egg challenge.

Step 8 : Ending Cutscene

This Step is not requires to do. But if you want to see the ending scene. Then here are the step. Simple, Get Maxis Drone and then Release it near the portal. Once Maxis is already inside the portal, Light will shine down. Walk on that light, then press “F” ( PC ) to see the ending Scene.

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