COD BO2 Die Rise Easter Egg Richtofen Side

Step One : Nav Card Reader

Nav Card Reader Contains four parts, Meteor Rock, Radio, Power Box and Board. This are all located on the second building Rooftop near tower.

Step Two : Golden Symbols (Elevators)

There are four golden emblems on the top of the elevator and each players much step on it. Two are on the spawn area and two are on the tower area. Note : Watch out if the elevator are on the top, this will kill you!

Step Three : Golden symbols (Floor)

There are four golden symbols that has to be activated in a certain order. Locations : 1) Outside the spawn area 2) Lower level on the spawn area 3) second lowest level of the second building 4) rooftop near the tower. To activate, each player must step and hit action button and the symbol will light up. If the second player step and yours turn off, means thats not the next one.

Step Four : Stone on Dragons Mouth

One player must buy sniper rifles and shot those orbs at the mouth of the dragon.

Step Five : Sliquifier

On this step, we need to build Wonder weapon. Then use this gun to spin those orbs, those orbs can be found on the spawn area. Its on the lions foot.

Step Six : Trample Steam

There are four zombie symbols and each player must place trample steam facing towards the tower. Locations : 1) Outside spawn area 2), 3) and 4) near the tower. On this step, we have to fling all zombies towards the tower.

Step Seven : Last Step

One player must buy Galvaknucles, and hit those four beam of post on the tower. This four post represent North, South, West and East. To find the right order, you need to look for a mahjong tiles. This mahjong tiles will give you the exact order. If you did this correctly, achievement is unlock for High Maintenance.

COD BO2 Die Rise Easter Egg Richtofen Side

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