COD BO2 MOTD Pop Goes Weasel

COD BO2 MOTD Pop Goes Weasel is the main Easter egg on this map. Note : to achieve this, one or you must be weasel. This can be done by one player.

Step One : Hell’s Retriever

Feeding all the wolfs around the map. Heres the link for this step.

Step Two : Building The Plane

There are 5 parts to collect and assemble on the roof. Here again my link for this steps. Then fly to golden gate bridge.

Step Three : Spoon

Once you come back. Look for a poster near wardens office, its inside the jail cell. Use your tomahawk to reveal the hidden door. Once you are in Afterlife mode, there’s blue doorway in front of Wardens office. Once you are inside, look on the floor and you will see a skull and before that spoon. Zap that and if you did this correctly you will her a laugh.

Step Fourth : AcidGat

On this step, we need to build AcidGat ( AcidGat is for upgrading BlanderGat ). This has 3 parts and all this three parts has a 3 different locations. Here’s a guides on how you can get this.

Step Fifth : BlunderGat

To proceed, We need to get BlunderGat. Either on the box or the free one. To get the free one, There are five blue invisible skull around the map, and can be seen by going Afterlife Mode. First Location : Spawn area going to the first wolf, its inside the jail cell near the staircase. Second Location : Roof, Look outside the map on your left side. Third Location : Wardens Office, look outside the window near  Speed Cola. Aim your tomahawk on powerline. Fourth Location : Dock, Near Sniper Trap. Its on the wooden post. Fifth Location : Dock, Near juggernug. Its on the top of the light post. Last Step : getting this free blundergat on Wardens Office. Its on the top of the table near Speed Cola. Here are some more details on how to get this step.

Step six : Golden gate Bridge

On this step, you have to go back twice. But this time you don’t need to build the plane, you need to collect five fuel tanks and all of this are located where you got all the parts. Note : all players must do this step at once.

Step Seven : Volt Meter on Citadel Tunnels ( Spiral Staircase )

Head over to the Spiral staircase and go down below ( volt meter ), once you hear a clicking sound means that you did this correctly. Four codes that needs to input on volt meter. To achieve this, go Afterlife Mode and use this code “101”, “872”, “386” and “481”. 

Step Eight : Audio Logs

Collect all Audio Logs. This Audio logs goes straight to the roof, saying about what happen to our four characters.

Step Ninth : Take the plane in Afterlife Mode

On this step, one player must go Afterlife Mode. Then same as how we ride the plan, go on the platform and press action button.

Step Ten : Kill Wiesel

On this last step, all four players are in the Golden Gate Bridge. And they have to kill Wiesel. Its up to the players if they want to kill him or not, but this will be end of the game.


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